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I didn't see one of these threads yet so I thought I'd make one. Just post your gamer tag and console. 'Cause right now I'm having trouble finding games :P

Robopengy77, Xbox 360

  1. Sanious-Xbox
  2. Nocturnal Deity-Xbox
  3. Judah Jones- Xbox
  4. Jazin- Xbox
  5. HumanBirdZ- Xbox
  6. Kleptobot- Xbox
  7. Dragon4234- Xbox
  8. Conlac- Xbox
  9. Andorski G- Xbox
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Sanious, Xbox 360. I haven't touched online yet, though. Finishing the campaign first.

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Nocturnal Deity, Xbox 360.

Beat the campaign today and I'm doing online stuff. It's really fun but there's not enough people! I really wanna play some Deathball but the only people available are all playing Team Deathmatch. =/

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Judah Jones, Xbox 360.

Just finished the white side of the campaign and starting on the black side, want to unlock all the characters and abilities before I attempt online. Hopefully there's still the remnants of an online community by the time I get there.

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Jazin xbox360 just bought this today

#6 Posted by JacDG (2137 posts) -

HumanBirdZ - Xbox 360.

#7 Posted by DocHaus (1638 posts) -

Kleptobot - Xbox 360.

@Robopengy: Put this shit in a table or something so we don't have to keep scrolling up or down.

Of course, I'm implying anyone uses these threads after the first few weeks.

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Dragon4234 - Xbox.

I accept all challenges, yo.

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@Robopengy: What is your NAT? I noticed this game has issues with connecting to games unless it's set to "Open" (moreso than other online games).

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XBL: Andorski G

I would like to get in some games of Deathball. Half the people I play with in random games have no idea how to play.

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Xbox - Davechan87 - UK

Loving this game, but noticed it can sometimes be very hard getting into a game. I've had to wait for rooms to fill up quite a bit, which is a shame because this game is like Power Stone, one of my favourite games on the dreamcast.

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Nerdware - 360

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I bought this for PS3, don't know if anyone else did.

But at any rate, my PSN ID is BlueInferno27

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@blueinferno said:

I bought this for PS3, don't know if anyone else did.

I thought most people did, judging by variousthreads, console-specific boards (PS3 145 pages, 360 44 pages) and Japan and all. I guess this thread so far isn't very representative.

Anyway I have it for PS3 as well. PSN ID is SysTimatic.

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PSN ID: pfefferwasser

#17 Posted by aldo_q (139 posts) -

Asgorath - Xbox (European time)

#18 Posted by Kri0s (102 posts) -

Picking this up tomorrow-

Krios1 on Xbox

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Got sucked into a Cage Match against a Fei Rin player, I was Big Bull. It was kind of hilarious how it played out.

"Oh, you hit me with a decent combo? That's nice. Let me introduce you to my giant hammer with jet boosters attached to it. And now you are a crimson paste on the ground. The end."

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xNVRSWTNITx : xbox360

wanna do some deathball and just find a group tyat likes playing this game

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Man, I put this game in for the first time since release week to try and find a match. Not much luck but after many failed attempts I got into a team deathmatch... and got rocked. Holy shit, I thought I knew how to play (or at least play at a competent level) but this guy blocked everything and broke out of every throw (and he wasn't using the throw break perk) then proceeded to juggle me to death. Ended the match with 0/6 and I walked away with my tail between my legs. I discovered I have no idea how to play the game.

Anyway, I'mma add the people who posted for PS3 and maybe I'll be able to get some games in without having to wait 15+ min.

PSN is SuperWristBands for anyone else who wants to add me and play.

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Franklinsodap0p for 360. I keep running into the same problem and it truly is bothersome. :/

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I'd be up to play some Anarchy Reigns with Giant Bomb people. Taku128 on 360 and Takuu128 on PSN. I have both because almost every game mode was dead on day 1 on the 360, so I went out and got the PS3 version.

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I'm adding SWB and taku on psn :)

My psn: miva2

I'm not too pro but i'm working on my skills ;) Add me up if you need a brawlbuddy!

#25 Posted by VanderSEXXX (564 posts) -

fafaSMURF - PS3

#26 Posted by planetfunksquad (710 posts) -

No one was online when I tried to play this today. I was super sad :(

ntrl187 - 360

#27 Posted by Tuxedose (4 posts) -

Well should be fun hooking up with some people! :)

psn: tuxedose

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Xbox 360: EarthBowl


Looking forward to playing with the community!

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