One Year Anniversary - play with the devs!

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So getting people together to play this game is a bit hard, not a lot of people like to have fun apparently.

That aside, the developers are getting together on Xbox Live and PSN to play with the community to celebrate Anarchy Reign's first year anniversary. The dev's will be online on the 23rd and 24th of this month.

Here is a link with more details:

See you online

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That's pretty cool. The game wasn't exactly a runaway success, but I'm glad Platinum is deciding to show it some love by throwing this event. Time to bust out my godlike RinRin.

#3 Posted by Demoskinos (16527 posts) -

I ended up not liking that game so much. I thought it was a pretty hot mess. One I respect specific aspects of but overall just seems not all that great.

#4 Posted by csl316 (11224 posts) -

Man, I was so hyped for this game due to my love of Platinum. But after all its delays I just ended up skipping it.


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