PS3 Game Night?

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Yo duders! I know it's been asked before but this game is rad as hell!! I dreadfully wait online but no one joins because no one plays online anymore.

Brass tax: does anyone want to get together and organize an game night? A single battle royale will hold 16 players. We'd hold it on a specific day sometime in the future and just spend it have the most fun ever!

I unfortunately only have the PS3 version of the, but if someone wanted to get an Xbox one going, yo, that's fine too. I just really want to play this w/ people, as the bots do pose a challenge, it just doesn't feel the same. Also a lot of the achieveables are tied to online, but that's not the priority. I just really want to play this game. Come on guys please.



Btw: PSN is same as username: DualFayte.

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OH MY FUCKING GOD. YES, I FUCKING DO WANT TO HAVE A MOTHERFUCKING GAME NIGHT. You can count me the fuck in. With the online multiplayer being dead, I didn't get to enjoy this game nearly as much I wanted to. I'm always down for some of this game.

I really need to clean up my language, but I can't fucking help it.

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@babychoochoo: I like you, friend. Let's do it. Hopefully more people chime in and we can make this dream a reality.

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i'm in i call dibs on bayonetta :3 oh yeah psn is donvarone

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Hell yes! I decided to pop this in couple of days ago and was disappointed by the lack of players, even though the game was on sale for like 6€ here in EU.

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Count one more in!

I only managed to finish the game last September, and when I tried to play online, I did find ONE full match... But all the players were already maxed out. They were very helpful and did their best to make me learn the ropes, but the level and skill difference was too great to reconcile. I just died and died no matter what I did XD

Don't know if some of you did play this online already, but in any case, I suppose a regular game night would be the thing to get me up to speed. So please count on me. I don't speak English nearly as well as I write, but it still should be enough. Add me (FabioSooner) on PSN if you'd like, just let me know this is about Anarchy Reigns when sending the request. Looking forward to it, I like everything Platinum does and this game is indeed a hidden gem.

(I do think Anarchy Reigns applies to this article about skill-based games and the press:


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