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Exactly what it says on the tin. 6

''What the fuck just happened?!'' is something I found myself almost routinely exclaiming/shouting/screaming/gurgling during my time playing Anarchy Reigns, the latest brawler from top-quality developer Platinum Games. A sort-of sequel to the Wii-exclusive Mad World, Anarchy Reigns twists the 'franchise' upside down, trading in its single-player focussed, arena combat origins for a multiplayer brawler. Sure, there's a story campaign in here--in fact there's technically two--but that's not the re...

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It’s a mad, Mad World 0

I’m sure we’ve all bought at least one retro arcade game collection – for me, my most recent purchase was Midway Arcade Treasures Volume 3, which contains a collection of racing games from the early-to-mid 90′s. When I initially got it, I was a little bit disappointed; all of the games included were almost insultingly easy and incredibly simple. Removed from the environment of the arcade, some of them barely even resembled games at all and were reduced down to “hold the gas pedal to win”. For th...

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Technical Ruination. 0

If you read the title you might think it sounds harsh. Ruined means the game experience is completely made irrelevant by the issue at hand. Unfortunately I am only mildly exaggerating. Anarchy Reigns is a beat em up by famed action developer PlatinumGames. It was released almost a year ago in Japan and for a while it was unsure whether it would even appear here in the west. It did eventually with a budget price tag. Platinum has yet to let me down and I was there as soon as possible to try their...

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Anarchy Reigns, when you can find others to play with. 0

The RadSimple, yet satisfying brawlin' gameplay.Awesomely over the top characters.Kick-ass soundtrack.Bots in multiplayer.Great variety of multiplayer modes.The BadNo one is playing it.The campaign is too short.With people being so into the likes of Devil May Cry, God of War or indeed - PlatinumGames own MadWorld and Bayonetta - I've always thought it kind of odd that there hasn't been any notable attempts to bring multiplayer into the mix. Power Stone is about the closest comparison you could m...

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