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Anastacia of Astora is the keeper of the Bonfire of Firelink Shrine. Located underneath the Bonfire inside of a cave made non-accessible with iron bars. Anastacia is mute and cannot talk to the player upon meeting her for the first time, although she can still reinforce Estus Flasks to allow them to heal more per bottle.

After the player rings the first bell of awakening by defeating the Belfry Gargoyles, Lautrec of Carim will move to Firelink Shrine opposite of Anastacia even if the player did not free him. Lautrec will stay here until the player opens Sen's Fortress by ringing the second Bell of Awakening. At this point, Lautrec will kill Anastacia, making the Firelink Shrine bonfire unusable. Searching Anastacia's body will reward you with the Dingy set of armor and the Black Eye Orb.

The quest line continues in Anor Londo when the player reaches the main room in the Cathredral before the Ornstein and Smough boss fight. The Black Eye orb the player picked up from Anastacia's body will start quivering. Using the item will allow the player to invade the world of the fire keeper's killer as a spirit of vengeance. The player will then invade the world of Lautrec, who has some help from two white phantoms.

This fight can be tricky, as the player cannot heal through using Estus Flasks. It is highly recommended to killing the caster first and then using the stairs to separate Lautrec and the spear knight. Lautrec wields two shotels, that will go around the player's shield, and a parrying dagger. One only has to kill Lautrec to be victorious.

After defeating Lautrec, do not reinforce your Estus Flasks with The Fair Lady or the Anor Londo firekeeper. Immediately head back to Anastacia's cage and return her soul. Anastacia will be revived with the power to speak, although reluctant. The Firelink Bonfire is now available to be used again.

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