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Islands sell fruit, spice, and tea.
Ancient Trader is a turn-based strategy game. Players control a ship, exploring the seas in search of island ports. Sailing from port to port, players trade goods for a profit which is spent on ship upgrades. The ultimate goal of the game is to collect artifacts, special items with a price that increases over time. If the player accumulates enough artifacts, a final challenge is unlocked. Conquering this challenge requires a powerful ship, but doing so wins the player legendary treasures and the game. 
 Ancient sea monsters hinder your progress.
Winning the game requires players to explore the sea, but the sea can be a dangerous place. Rival ships may attack the player, and deadlier still are the ancient sea monsters lurking the depths. Combat is resolved with a simple card game involving a rock-paper-scissors mechanic. Cards represent weapons and attacks with better cards available if the player spares the funds.

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