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In Ancients 1: The Deathwatch is a typical first person fantasy RPG in the same vein as Eye of the Beholder et al. The player is tasked with defeating an ancient evil dwelling beneath the city of Locklaven.

As with many other first person fantasy RPGs of the time Ancients follows simplified Dungeons and Dragons rules. The player is given a party of four characters who can each be either a Wizard, Warrior, Priest or Rogue. The available races are Human, Elf and Dwarf.

The city of Locklaven serves as a hub containing an Inn, Church, Shop, Casino and a Guild where players must go to train when they level up. Beneath the city is a sewer off of which several paths branch.

Originally published in 1991 by Farrware, an updated version of the game was later published in 1993 by Epic Games. Since its original release Ancients has appeared as shovelware in numerous DoS game collections.

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