Android RPG recommendations.

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So, I've been ODing on Mass Effect lately.  I just S-Ranked it, but I want to finish two more games to carry over to Mass Effect 2:  one Shepard ass Shepard game (for the ladies...  And shenanigans on BioWare for not letting Lady Shepard get with any cool people for the Achievement, with all due respect to Jacob, Thane, and Garrus, but that's another, rather) and a Lady Shepard.  But I was having trouble coming up with what to name my Lady Shepard, so I went to one of my favorite random name generators:  Final Fantasy Tactics.  Now, I'm kinda getting back into Tactics, and want more RPGs in that style.  I just got a Droid Incredible not too long ago, and am wondering if there are any cool RPGs for Android.  I've tried the Zenovia demo and didn't think the controls were responsive enough.  And I haven't been a fan of the controls on the emulated RPGs either (I've tried Final Fantasy VI and Magic Knight Rayearth.)  I searched RPGs in the Android Marketplace and saw a couple that were Japanese, but I can't read Japanese beyond a few characters of Katakani.  So, I'm asking for good RPG recommendations for Android.  They don't have to be Japanese, but Final Fantasy Tactics has scratched that itch.  I think a good strategy RPG could work well with the touch screen without requiring an onscreen keyboard, though.

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I've pretty much only played the Zenovia demo and Angry Birds or whatever it's called.  Sorry.

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