Rumour: Google making a game console?

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Gizmodo: WSJ: Google Is Making an Android Video Game Console and Smartwatch

According to the WSJ, Google is currently developing an Android-based video game console and an Android-based 'smartwatch'. More Android in more places means more fun. Less interestingly though, Google is also supposedly developing a second version of the Nexus Q.

Supposedly, Google is making these Android-powered devices in reaction to Apple's upcoming devices. Or what many have been expecting to be Apple's upcoming devices. The WSJ reports:

The people briefed on the matter said Google is reacting in part to expectations that rival Apple will launch a videogame console as part of its next Apple TV product release.

You know, the funny thing is that this would be like.. I don't wanna count it, the 6th Android console on the market?. I.e. Nvidia Shield, Ouya, Madcatz Project MOJO, "GameStick," etc. And the way I read comments was that "Everybody" is coming out with a game-console and a smartwatch this year. I.e. Google, Apple, and Microsoft. Again, supposed and hear-say.

But at least with Google: I guess we'll find out whenever they announce Key Lime Pie, or something.

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Well, it certainly can't be worse than the shitty Ouya

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Man, then the market would just be FUCKING FLOOOOOOOOODED with those things. This would be like the second coming of all those handheld consoles that just came and went (e.g. N-gage)

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O god no, just no.

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According to the internet scrolling on Android phones is laggy as * because everything runs in/on Java. If that is the case, I can't see this working. If Apple adds casual gaming to it's Apple TV I could see that working because they won't be running on top of a third-party middle layer like Java, Silverlight or Flash. Consumers don't know the technical difference, but they will know when their experience with one is poor and the other is good.

I also think companies marketing Android computers in the same space as computers with 'native' operating systems are shady. Chromebooks are okay, because they are essentially physical web browsers (unless you replace the OS), and are advertised as such.

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especially when the article cites they wanna take on the fucking ouya lol

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I don't know, sure, why not. Calling it a console is a bit of a stretch though. Using that term attempts to put an Android device on the same level as a real gaming console, which it will never be. It'll be anther cheap ARM system-on-chip thing running Android (Java).

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Well, it certainly can't be worse than the shitty Ouya

Who knows? It could surprise us.

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Do we really need another Android-based console already? At this rate the market will be saturated before they even launch.

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Whatever. This whole thing will start making sense when there are games to justify the hardware.

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@colourful_hippie said:

Well, it certainly can't be worse than the shitty Ouya

Who knows? It could surprise us.

I dont think we want it to surprise us then.

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The flood of consoles has once again begun! Is it a crash or a new golden age? SPIDERMAN! VILLAIN OR MONSTER!?

Anyways, Apple and Google are inadvertently going to make Sony and Microsoft richer by the laws of raw product attrition. Which will be cool, since the gamer pool will get bigger and naturally, we will all get to play more games and all those weird ultra big budget games will just get more ultra big budget.

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