The State of Mobile Gaming

#1 Posted by D4RKSH33P (70 posts) -

So I've had my first android phone for a month now. I've been reading tested's weekly updates of apps which includes games and gandering at the app store. I've played a few free games, tried a few demos, and read descriptions on the app store. Absolutely nothing had really caught my eye. The only thing I really play is the crossword app that downloads daily crosswords. I can't really place the exact reason why nothing really seems to stick for me. This doesn't have to be a thread for recommending games, but I just wanted to hear other people's opinions on what mobile games should be apart from quick gimmicks to sit and play while on the toilet.
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I play games on my iPod touch all the time. 
They're simple, but they're quite fun.

#3 Posted by fwylo (3556 posts) -

I must suggest Game Dev Story if you haven't played it.  It is a great example of what a mobile game should/can be other than a quick 5 minute time killer.  Something that you don't need intricate controls super quality gameplay.  It is just a simple menu based simulator that gets the job done extremely well. 
Other than that it is just a 5 minute time killing experience to me.

#4 Posted by Zidd (1851 posts) -

Fruit Ninja and anything by halfbrick. They make some great mobile games.

#5 Posted by Argus (58 posts) -

I too am frustrated by the lack of good games on the android market. I see a lot of posts triumphantly comparing android to the iOS Appstore, but the quality titles that I want (read: Superbrothers) are still Apple exclusives. Something must be done!

I'm still searching for something engrossing and polished. If I find that needle in this haystack, I'll let you know.
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I don't mind the quick little mindless games for my phone, like the Bejeweled knock offs, etc.  But I don't care about gaming on my phone.  That's not what I bought my phone for.  If I want a real portable gaming device, I'll look into a DS or PSP.

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