Make Andy's page better!

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We should all do this

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Do we know anything about him?
He's not as random as the others nor do we have anything really to add, like the things Jeff hates, or times Ryan will cry.

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Did Ryan and Vinny say during The Matrix Online videos that Andy worked a little bit on that game?

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@SuperMooseman said:
" @CitizenKane: No, I think it was just that he played it, wasn't it? "
We have terrible memories.  Maybe we both need to watch the video again.
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Well since, he is the top editor of his own page, wouldn't he have put in that he worked on the Matrix Online if he did?
Just a thought.
I'd love to work on his page, except all I know is what is on the page...
We could make up rumors! xD

#6 Posted by jakob187 (21691 posts) - are aware that Drew Scanlon grew up as a poor black child in South Central, right?

I'm pretty sure that Andy escaped Pakistan with his 17 children and 3 wives after the hospital he worked at as a brain surgeon was bombed.  He came to the Land of Opportunity, sold his children and wives to Indonesian casino owners who use them as card dealers at blackjack tables, and along with his dog Titan (Titan IS his dog, right?), he is now using Whiskey Media as a front to plot world domination in the form of flooding the world with red Jell-O.
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I'm bumping this thread. Seriously.

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@Pibo47 said:

@jakob187 said: are aware that Drew Scanlon grew up as a poor black child in South Central, right?
I better see some NWA music videos with drew edited into them NOW. As proof yo

Drew's page used to have a hilarious paragraph that said he grew up as a poor black child in South Central, but a bunch of people complained and it got changed.

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We should totally dig deeper into Andy!

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