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 Ai's dreams.
Anesan is a beat 'em up featuring an exclusively female cast; you start out with three characters (Ai, Chika, and Makoto) all members of a gang, and you fight other gangs to expand your territory.  Depending on who you use to beat the bosses (generally Ai) some of them will join you afterwards. Each character plays slightly differently and has a different special move. If a character gets KO'd in a stage, they must spend a day of game time recovering (I.E., one stage) before they can be used again. If all characters are KO'd at the same time, it results in a game over. 
 In addition to the basic beat 'em up mode, it features two mini-games and you can customize Ai's room (which also gives your characters various stat boosts). Sometimes Ai has strange dreams between the stages; this appears to be random. 
CONTROLS: These are the basic controls for the beat 'em up portions. 
I button: Jump 
II buttom: attack 
I and II buttons simultaneously: Special attack (drains some life!) 
Right or left on the D-pad plus II when close: Throw 
II plus down on the D-pad over a downed opponent: Stomp. Some characters can't do this. 
Anesan features two bonus games which can be accessed between stages.  
The horror, the horror!! 
The first mini-game which is always accessible is the "Scary Face Grand Prix". The player must rotate the D-pad as quickly as possible to make an incredibly hideous face faster than their opponent. Not all characters can participate in this; some just don't have what it takes to make hideous faces.   
The second mini-game is a chicken race. You cannot play this mini-game if you haven't bought a motorcycle. Go as fast and as far as you can towards a concrete wall before you brake.... but don't brake too late!


Condensed history. 
 Ai, Chika, and Makoto have long been friends; as children they were ruthlessly bullied by other girls until one day a strong and cool girl gang boss named Yuko beat their bullies senseless and taught them how to stand up for themselves. Since then, they have followed in her footsteps. However, after a recent gang war, Yuko has gone missing! Our heroines set out to find out what happened and establish their gang, "Eden", in other territories.


 Ai: The main protagonist, she is well balanced between power and stamina, and has a fast attack. She apparently likes to write poems, and her favourite colour is purple. Her special attack is some kind of kick/jacket swish. She's probably the best of the default characters.
 Chika: The smallest member of our starting trio of friends, she is the fastest. She's still quite tough despite her diminutive size.  Her special involves her generating energy in both hands and striking towards her middle.
Makoto: The largest and strongest of the three, and also the slowest.  Makoto punches rapidly to both her left and right for her special move.
Ruri: A wanna-be idol singer, she's a crybaby and probably shouldn't be in a gang. She is a recruitable character. Her special is simply her elbowing and kneeing the opponent while singing; however, when she's a boss this summons a stampede of fans.


Hirame: An ugly girl whose nickname reflects her fish-like face. She wants to be a ballet dancer of all things, and has surprisingly good posture. Her special attack is a flurry of kicks. 
Asuka: A bizarre girl with strabismus, a strange laugh, and a drinking problem. She is easily recruited and is of average speed and strength.  Her special attack involves her drinking and then lighting her breath on fire with a lighter.    
The twins, Akane and Izumi: The bosses of the Vixen gang. They're dirty fighters, who like to double-team opponents and use knives. They are recruitable, but it's difficult (possibly the player needs to have purchased the best knife for them to join). Their special is a knife uppercut.

Ryuko: A tough martial artist girl from the dock area. She is fast and strong, and apparently of Chinese descent. Her special move is a short auto-combo; however, as a boss, she charges up and head-bangs around the the area. 
Hillary: Called "Hiraly" in the game, she's an American, uses kung fu and is prone to outbursts of questionable English. VERY NO! Her special move is a hopping kick. Her attacks are strange and difficult to utilize. 

 Soushi: A pretty girl who is devoted to the art of the sword, and who apparently doesn't mind walking around with an open shirt She is another easy recruit, and with her great attack range and attack speed is probably the best character in the game. Her special attack is a sequence of repeated strikes. 
Isami: Another bokken user, she can throw projectiles with her sword. She takes losses hard.  She does not appear to be recruitable.

Sayaka:  A blind girl who fights with her cane. She is seemingly recruitable, but you never get a chance to use her as she's only recruited in the final stage. She can create shock waves with the tapping of her cane.
Oni: The final boss, she is (obviously) not recruitable. She can stomp to cause explosions.

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