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Ange is the party's resident healer and thief. In battle, she favors extremely quick jabbing attacks that regularly combo in the double digits, "shank style" as a certain Mr Davis might coin it. She's also a powerful healer and the only party member able to steal from enemies.
Her personality is very calm and matronly, often lecturing or comforting other members of the group. She's a little unsure of her place in the world after certain truths about her church (to which she's dedicated her life) come to light upon her awakening as an Avatar. Her vast knowledge about the history of the world frequently comes in use.
Her past life was that of Orifiel, a highly cunning yet compassionate Ratio strategist that surreptitiously joins the Devalokian commander Asura in his plans to unite the warring factions of the world, after being repeatedly impressed with his chivalry and sense of fair play on the battlefield. As such, Ange is one of the few Ratio souls that isn't initially hostile towards the group or Luca in particular.

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