So this is a thing.

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When asked if Epic was done with Gears of War, Cliff Bleszinski said "If people stop buying it then we'll stop makin em."

Well, looks like he did stop making them? ;)

no he didnt they are making a 4th one right now. thats gonna be about baird. true story. and ill probably be buying it.

Nah you missed the joke. CliffyB left Epic a month ago.
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I hate Angry Birds. I hate the gameplay and I hate how much money Rovio has made from a game with such simple gameplay.


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I fail to understand why some people hate angry birds, I only played through the original to waste time and that shit was fun enough.

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Why wouldn't it be a thing?

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@BoG said:

I have never played Angry Birds, and the more of this I see, the more opposed I am to playing it for mostly stupid reasons.

Me too, but my kids love these stupid games and as such I've had to buy and install every one of these into the three iphones my family owns, and will have to do it again with this one. Even putting the Star Wars name on this one isn't going to make me as a Star Wars fan want to play this, but like I stated above I'm going to have to get it for the kids.

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Angry Birds is a fantastic toilet/transportation game, and people need to stop harping on it solely for it's popularity. The fact that this game is going to get a Star Wars edition only makes me happy. In the end it will be more Angry Birds, but I cannot see anything that could be better than Star Wars themed birds and pigs.

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@Rasmoss: Final Fantasy and Harvest moon?

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Video games.

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I'm sick and tired of pretending that every game has its merits, that's just not true, and you know what -- Angry Birds is dumb. I've never been less affected by a statistic than the oh so big number of people playing Angry Birds. It's one of the dumbest game that's ever existed, and I'm reminded of that all the time. Whether it's the stupid stuffed animals or this stupid Star Wars crossover.

Angry Birds is the equivalent of an old youtube video that was just dumb first, gathered lots of hits, and kept on going. It's a rolling stone. Once you're the top hit, you stay at the top. Everyone searches for most downloads. That's all. It's that video of the news lady stomping on grapes then falling over in slow motion or the amazing black ninja who backflips but lands on his face. Notice I didn't say it's like the Star Wars kid. It's not even that good.

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yeah, angry birds won the ios lottery. There's nothing about it worth the massive hype and sales and merchandising. Dumb is the perfect word for it.

Luckily for rovio, there are a lot of dumb people out there with iphones. And a lot of kids who just like the things their friends like and haven't developed a personality yet. Kind of like the angry birds - void of personality, charm, or character.

Games with this exact formula existed years ago for free on PCs, but only with the iphone did it hit the lottery and be "the game" that people talked about.

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Angry Birds Star Wars is the best rendition of the game yet. And I say that sincerely. The powers for the different birds are fun to use, with force push being a highlight. There are pigs that shoot blaster shots, forcing you to time your shots or even use their own power against them. There are even stages that use the gravity mechanics from Space. I can play it on my phone for free and it's very enjoyable.

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No you guys don't get it, games like angry birds are leading the downfall of the consoles! Why would I spend $60 dollars on a game when I can pay $1 dollar for angry birds on my Iphone??? Source: CNN games journalism.

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It's a pretty fun time killer. Oh, wait. I mean burn the casual heretics!

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@Dagbiker: I lol'd

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I like it.

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Seems like the perfect game to play while I'm waiting on a flight path in WoW

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