Angry Birds Arrives On The PlayStation Network

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#51 Posted by RoonilWazslib (43 posts) -

Don't buy it! Not optimized for the PS3 at all. Terrible controls, same exact graphics as the phone versions. Looks ugly on the big-screen.

#52 Posted by WillyFourEyes (121 posts) -

I haven't yet seen a PSP mini that supported DLC, so I'm guessing this is about  as much as this edition is going to get. (Same sort of thing with the DSiWare version of Surviving High School; the iPhone/iPod Touch version has lots of stories, but the DSiWare version only has eight.) Doesn't bother me either way. I think the game's quite fun.

#53 Posted by Addfwyn (1982 posts) -

I like Angry Birds, I am not a huge fanatic for it, but I play it on the ipad or iphone every once in a while, it can kill a few minutes while waiting or something. 
That said, porting this to a non-touch device is just kind of dumb.  One of the reasons Angry Birds worked so well on the iOS is that it's MADE for touch input.  This is just as bad as people trying to port games to the iOS that require a virtual controller on screen, just the other way around. 
Touch games and control games do not mix, please stop trying to port them to each other.

#54 Posted by robertp12 (16 posts) -

thats rubish

#55 Posted by cgoodno (172 posts) -
@Milkman said:
" Angry Birds sucks. I don't understand the obession with this glorified flash game. "
Same.  I have it on iPhone and it's a lesser Castle Crashers, IMHO.
#56 Posted by zerdune (205 posts) -

Not really interested in a non-touched controlled version, also I have Boom Blox 1 & 2 if I want to play these kinds of games.

#57 Posted by Skald (4394 posts) -

And the most expensive Angry Birds release of the Week Award goes to the Mac App Store, where it's five dollars for some reason. 
Thank you, overpriced App Store launch.

#58 Posted by DugHerb (31 posts) -

I have it. Looks and sounds really terrible on the PS3. Thought it would have recieved a HD facelift.

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