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Depth and Value 1

Angry Birds epitomizes what an iphone game should be.  Simple intuitive controls, gameplay that can be entertaining for 60 seconds and for 60 minutes, and replay value.  The basic premise of the game is you launch different types of birds from a sling-shot at structures made of wood, ice and stone holding different types of pigs, and the object is to destroy all of the pigs and get the highest score possible.  There is a definite element of strategy in order to destroy the structures and the pig...

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Sweet stuff! 0

Angry Birds is an epic battle between pissed off birds, and green pigs in crummy shelters!   The basics principal of the game is to launch birds from a slingshot at a structure either protecting pigs or to display them proudly.  Your goal is the ultimate destruction of every pig.  Via direct hit, collateral damage or straight up bomb, inflict enough damage on a pig, and it's toast!  There are 6 types of birds that have different attributes such as your straight forward "I'm a rock, shoot me at t...

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Tiny football game during Brazil 2014 football world cup ,good idea 0

funny and addictive if you have an ios device ,I strongly advise you to try it. the game is very small -- just 1.7Mb but it has music sound and high Resolution pic. little hard to gain the first goal. but you will love it slowly. when you by a bus or take the subway, you can play this game. one time for just 1-5 mins,is it Convenient? almost every football game is to be a team work.pass ball run and have a goal. but this game is creativ...

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It's Reputation Precedes it 0

I’ve had Angry Birds on my iPod touch for a while now, probably about a year, as a matter of fact, and I just don’t get it. It’s made a gazillion dollars, has fans all over the world, has fans all over the world, is the top ranking game on iOS, Blackberry, WinPho7, Nokia, PSP, DS, Mac, PC, WebOS, Android and probably more. But I just can’t seem to figure out why. I mean, it’s a simple enough game in concept. You get a specific amount of birds in a specific order, each different colour of which h...

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AngryBirds Transformers Hack 0

AngryBirds Transformers Hack is at last here. We realize that you have been sitting tight from quite a while for this hack instrument. Since Angry Birds Transformers has been discharged for Android Platform too. You can utilize this undermine all Android gadgets too. It additionally meets expectations for all ios Phones and Tablets. You can likewise produce visit : Jenga Code with this Angry Birds Transformers Hack additionally. It can convey boundless jewels and c...

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The first MUST BUY iPhone game 0

Angry Birds is a physics destruction game that had you launching objects at various buildings, with the attempt to knock them over.  Similar games including Armor Games' Crush the Castle and Donut Games' Castle Smasher.  I'm not sure which came first, but Angry Birds, from Rovio Mobile, is clearly the best.  At $0.99, this game is a must buy for anyone with a supported device.In the game, you launch birds from a slingshot into buildings constructed of wood, glass, stone, and various other sundry...

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Best game on the PSP. 0

This is the type of game the PSP really needs.  Not more JRPGs, not horrible first person shooters that control like shit.  If you have a PSP, this is the game you should be playing.  So do like I did and dust off the PSP pos and play this game!  The game does seem to lag a bit but the nub is actually useful for once and its easy to aim the birds....

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(I'm) Angry (at these) Birds 0

At this point, anyone even remotely knowledgeable about touch screen gaming knows that Angry Birds is one of the top paid iOS games on the App store (currently holding the number two spot). Nearly everyone and their mother has played it and bought its expansions to keep the franchise alive. It has been ported to at least 10 different platforms, and will probably be ported to many more. Hell, there are even t-shirts of Angry Birds. Several of my co-workers sang high praise to me about the app, so...

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