sw0rdfish's Angry Birds (iPhone) review

Sweet stuff!

Angry Birds is an epic battle between pissed off birds, and green pigs in crummy shelters! 
The basics principal of the game is to launch birds from a slingshot at a structure either protecting pigs or to display them proudly.  Your goal is the ultimate destruction of every pig.  Via direct hit, collateral damage or straight up bomb, inflict enough damage on a pig, and it's toast! 
There are 6 types of birds that have different attributes such as your straight forward "I'm a rock, shoot me at them pigs!" bird, a bird that splits into 3 different birds, and even birds that drop or become bombs! 
There are about 120 levels, though they've been adding new ones as they go, and they're a great mix of brain scratchers to sheer brute force pummeling! After completing each level, you're graded on a 1,2 or 3 star performance, based on points accrued for damage, pigs killed and unused birds so there's replay value in finding the most efficient way to kill all the pigs. 
It's a great game for picking up and playing bits at a time, but careful, or you'll find yourself blowing away an entire afternoon, or staff meeting, flinging angry birds.  
For a buck, you can't go wrong!


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    Angry Birds epitomizes what an iphone game should be.  Simple intuitive controls, gameplay that can be entertaining for 60 seconds and for 60 minutes, and replay value.  The basic premise of the game is you launch different types of birds from a sling-shot at structures made of wood, ice and stone holding different types of pigs, and the object is to destroy all of the pigs and get the highest score possible.  There is a definite element of strategy in order to destroy the structures and the pig...

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