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Angry Video Game Nerd Adventures

this is taken from my blog


Rated “F” for Fuckballs, The Angry Video Game Nerd Adventures lives up to its rating. Developed by FreakZone Games and published by Screw Attack Entertainment this game has been a long time coming and many have looked forward to its release for some time. AVGNA is actually really hard, and almost makes me wonder what the Angry Video Game Nerd himself would say. The game fits into the online series perfectly and any Angry Video Game Nerd fan will love everything that they have incorporated into it.

Covered in nostalgia this game stays true to the 16 bit era, and doesn’t stray from the path at all. I could think of a 100 things that would make this game better, but by adding them in it would drastically change how the game is perceived. When I first started, it almost felt like 1991, coming home from the video store after renting a new Nintendo game. The AVGNA logo sits on a black background with 3 choices, Start, Options and Quit, and reminded me a lot of the old 8 bit style games like Dig Dug or Excite Bike. The language in this game reminds me of Farrah Abraham’s porno, a bunch of awkwardly placed swears revolving around the words cock, ass and tits, whereas in this case its actually funny on purpose. Adding to the awesomeness of the game, not only is your main weapon an old school Nintendo Zapper, but you have enemies like Rob E. Robot and a defecating Rudolph the reindeer.

The story starts off with the Nerd and his friends playing a “shitty” game together, when suddenly his friends are zapped into the TV. The Nerd escapes into the basement but an arm comes out of the TV and grabs him but the balls and pulls him inside. The game begins in Gameland, 3AM. From there the game brings you into a small training level to learn the controls and dynamics. After the tutorial, you are brought to a map screen where you have the choice of 8 worlds. Each are individually themed and named accordingly. To name a few, “Assholevania” is reminicient of Castlevania and holds many obstacles similar to the ones you would have encountered playing it, “Beat It & Eat It” has elements of the adult themed Atari game Beat Em & Eat Em. Your ultimate goal throughout the game is to beat the boss at the end of each level and try to get yourself out of GameLand.

At times during gameplay I found myself almost trying to like this game, because upon initial gameplay I was almost taken back by the tremendous difficulty, I feel like this is one of those games where its simplicity makes it almost impossible. Your health is comprised of beer bottles, depending on the difficulty setting you choose you will start with either 3 or 5 beers. Like most platformers the bottles are scattered throughout each level and usually appear after a seemly impossible section to help replenish your life before its so callously taken away. Your main weapon is a Nintendo Zapper and if you can find the upgrade you also have the SNES Blaster which fires faster and more effectively. Each world has hidden secrets and you can even discover new playable characters with different weapons and abilities. 1UPs are scattered throughout the levels to help replenish the lives lost along the way, as well as a few one time use abilities that have a variety of effects.

I think what it all comes down to with this game is price and how its not reflected in gameplay. I respect the old school retro effect and any of my readers will agree with that, but this game would be amazing and I would love it 10 times more for 4.99. Due to the marketing of the game and the already house hold name of AVGN amongst gamers this game would be understandable at 9.99, but the 14.99 price mark is almost a dig at the fans. What it all boils down to is the game at its base and if its good or not. The graphics are a little more pixelated than I would have expected, and the ratio is a little larger than your normal platformer. The controls are on point and flow well with the game. Overall The Angry Video Game Nerd Adventures is certainly worth checking out, and will leave you just as angry as the Nerd himself.

Graphics: 5/10

Playability: 6/10

Story: 6/10

Challenge: 8/10

Replay Value: 6/10

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