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Captain Angstrom Darkwater is a Space pirate captain and main antagonist in Ratchet & Clank Future Quest for Booty. According to his personal journal, he once traveled to the Breegus Nebula and encountered the Zoni who's leader, Orvus, gave him the Fulcrum star so he can communicate with them. Darkwater also built the Obsidian Eye in Hoolefar Island of planet Merdegraw. One day, while Darkwater was stealing stuff in Morrow Caverns his first mate, Romulus Slag, betrayed his captain and defeated him in battle and killed him, along with his crew, and declared himself captain. The dead bodies of Darkwater and his crew remained dormant in Morrow Caverns for years, untill Ratchet and Rusty Pete, who was carrying the head of captain Slag, showed up there to find the map to Fulcrum star Drakwater had hid. When Ratchet douns the map, however, Rusty Pete then revealed that he was tricking the Lomabax so he could get Captain Slag a new body. Rusty Pete then stuck Slag's head into Darkwater's body, releasing the curse and bringing Darkwater and all of his dead pirate crew back too life. As a result of the curse, though, Slag and Darkwater now had to share a body, but they didn't want too share the body so it was no surprise they were fighting over it. Pete than suggested they pillaged something, Slag and Darkwater agreed and headed to Hoolefar Island. After Ratchet & Talwyn killed off some of the undead pirates that were attacking the island, however, Ratchet managed to stop them, and Darkwater and Slag retreated . After having the Smuggler read the map to where the Fulcrum star was, Ratchet went to Darkwater Cove, the place it has been hiden, to find it. Getting past many Space pirate traps and puzzles Darkwater had put there, Ratchet & Talwyn finally found the Fulcrum star, but Slag and Darkwater tricked Ratchet, dropped him in the Lythoin Caves and captured Talwyn. Slag and Darkwater then left the cove and headed to Hoolefar Island where they would use the Fulcrum star to travel and pillage the Zoni dimension. Before reaching the island, however, Ratchet caught his fleet and fought his way to fight Slag and Darkwater. When finally confronting the pirate captains, he battled them and saved Talwyn, but the captains were not yet defeated and moved to another pirate ship. Tired of Slag and Darkwater running away he asked them to just give him the Fulcrum star. Slag then said that it was actually kinda ironic how for once Ratchet was trying to steal from him and Darkwater, saying "after all it isn't your Fulcrum star, it's mine!" Ratchet finally defeated Slag and Darkwater breaking the connection between them and sending the two pirate captain falling into the Azorean Sea while Darkwater screamed "NOoooo" out of Slag's head, but Rusty Pete then jumped in and saved the two captains.

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