Should I Start or Wait?

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I got this game for free today from a friend. I put hundred of hours into the gamecube version years ago, quite a number when it came around on DS. Should I start this now or just wait for the 3DS or WiiU version? Has there been enough added to jump in now and get hooked again?

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I say wait for the 3DS version. City Folk was too similar to Wild World. It's pretty much the same game except with a few extras and the "City" part of it. I fucking loved the GC one and played a ton of WW as well, but CF just didn't hook me the same way those two did.

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I poured about 100 hours into this one and really enjoyed it. When I went back to playing the Gamecube one, I realised how much of an improvement, in most ways, the Wii one was. Sure, it isn't perfect and I hope they make a much bigger game for the WiiU, but I say give it a go. You won't know if it hooks you in until you have given it at least 10-20 hours.

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I'd say wait. It's better suited to a handheld and the Wii version really didn't add much.

You might get sick of it by the time the 3DS version finally comes out too, so you might as well wait for the better game.

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I put a lot of time into the first two, but this Wii one was too similar, and I was burnt out at that point.

If you feel like you could play more of the same Animal Crossing, then by all means. If you want big changes then I'd say wait. But I doubt Nintendo will ever change that series much, they haven't changed Mario or Zelda's fundamentals in 15 years.

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