7/27 Turnip Prices Thread.

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Hello fellow bombers. I (and I imagine quite a few people) are in need of good turnip prices. I tried posting in another thread but got nothing, so a fresh thread for a last saturday before the turnips spoil. I'll keep an eye on this thread most of today, (UK time) and pass it on to another and the night and timezones converge.

I have turnips selling for 119 in my town, if anyone wants to bite till 11.59 GMT (I'll check again at tweleve. I'd like to hold out for more, but I have to leave wifi at 16.00 GMT.

4313-0670-4693 (BinaryDragon) - 119 PT (Per Turnip)

PM me if you add me, and I'll try and keep this edited with friend codes and such.

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Hello there! I started playing 2 days ago, and i dont know much about Turnips. Today the NPC told me about them, and what i understand is: i buy turnips from him, and sell them at Re-Tail, for a profit (variable). I bought 10 turnips, 105 Bells each, for a test.
My Animal Crossing name is Jones, town is Rhysa.

U can add me, Friend Code is 2105-8681-6187

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