Animal Crossing and football season

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Now that football season is upon us i thought it would be a fun time to put together some animal crossing football shirts of our favorite teams.

Since the Patriots are my favorite team and *ahem* the best football team out there i went and made my first pro design of a Tom Brady jersey and thought it turned out pretty decent. I'd love to make some for other teams if anyone has any requests, also feel free to post your own that you've made or improvements on preexisting ones! If i end up making more or other people have some really awesome ones i'll add them to this post so everyone can get in on the team spirit.

Patriots/Tom Brady:

Seahawks/Russell Wilson:

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If I didn't hate the patriots that would be awesome.Now if you wanted to make a seahawks jersey, that would be pretty cool.

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Updated the OP with a seahawks jersey, took a bit cause i'm a perfectionist

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I like it!

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