Animal Crossing Friend Tips

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I figured since the friend functionality on both the 3DS and AC are kinda weird, I would write some helpful tricks that hopefully everyone will follow to aid in communication and such. First off, whenever someone is in your town, click the people icon in the bottom left of the touch screen and click the name of the person you want to BF. Once you best friend your first person, a yellow heart icon will appear along the top of the touch screen, letting you see if your BFs are online and you can even send messages in game back and forth! Very helpful with communication and would make letting friends know when you have your gate open or when you want them to open their gate!

Now here's the kicker... apparently you have to turn on Parental Controls to have this functionality. I know, it's a pain, but you can have these on and have everything unlocked. Here is a tutorial:

  1. Go to System Settings on the main menu of the 3DS
  2. Click on Parental Controls
  3. It will ask you to set up a PIN to "lock" the system. Do this
  4. Once you have everything setup, click "Set Restrictions."
  5. If you scroll to the bottom, "Child Online Privacy Protection" is locked. Click this and click "Do Not Restrict."
  6. Now here is the even dumber part... Enter AC and turn on Messaging in the BF menu. It will turn it on and allow you to send messages AS LONG AS THE RECIPIENT HAS GONE THROUGH THIS PROCESS AS WELL.
  7. Once it is turned on, you can go back into Parental Controls in the Settings and click "Clear Settings" to get rid of the Parental Control.

The BF stuff will still work (I tested it). But again, I can't stress enough that you can only message people that have disabled that Child Online Privacy Protection option. I guess when you unlock that option and clear the PC settings it still remains unlocked. Hope this helps everyone and hope to be your BF soon!

PS: Apparently the limit is 32 (read somewhere online) so first come first serve for me.

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yeah i had to go through this as well. kinda stupid really.

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My child stuff was default unlocked. Everything was. Weird.

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