Animal Crossing: Jump Out - Japanese Launch Overview Trailer

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Nintendo have released an overview trailer for Animal Crossing: Jump Out.


Begin your new life in Tobidase Doubutsu no Mori 3DS. Take your time and play at your own place, living a heartwarming life with the animals in your town. Tobidase Doubutsu no Mori.

Play Your Way

You've finally arrived at a new town by train. Due to a slight misunderstanding, you wind up becoming town mayor! Living here you take care of flowers, catch bugs, and catch fish while interacting with the animals of the village; you play your way.

The town progresses in real time; in the morning the animals start waking up with you. At night you can see the stars starting to come out. Depending on the season, the look and feel of your town changes as well. You can also enjoy special events during the different seasons.

Go Shopping at the Shopping Street

If you pass the train tracks and head out of town, you can visit a shopping street with all kinds of shops. You can buy daily items and buy/change your clothes like always. There are also all new shops never seen before! If you go shopping a lot, the shoping street becomes more and more popular and busy.

Build Your Town as Mayor

As the mayor, you're in charge of building your town from your desk at town hall. As apart of public works, you can make benchs, clocks, lamposts, bridges, and others. You can place them and set up your town as you see fit. What kind of town you make is up to you, the mayor! You can also set the rules in your town. For example, you can extend store hours to be longer than they normally are and go shopping even at night. You can determine the rules in your town and match your town to your time schedule.

Coordinate Furniture and Your House

There are now more types of furniture. You can have fun collecting your favorite types of furniture to make your rooms exactly as you envision. Also, at the recycle shop in town, you can sell furniture you don't use anymore or even remake it! You can even make a room like this.

Using the things you buy at Tanukichi's Real Estate (Tom Nook Real Estate), you can even change the size of your house. You can change your door and everything to your liking.

Further on than the shopping street, you can also see other player's houses at the Home Show Street. Here you can visit the homes of other players you have street passed and take your time looking around. You can also buy any furniture you see there that you like.

Go Out and Play

Using local play or the internet, you can visit other people's towns and play together with your friends.

Go to the Vacation Island

If you take a boat from the town pier, you can travel to The Vacation Island. On this resort-like island you can come across lots of bugs and fish you wouldn't normally see in town. You can even experience new things like diving beneath the ocean and seeing what you find!

If you participate in tours, you can play all kinds of mini games. Using local or internet connectivity, you can play along with your friends or even people you've never met before!

Take your time and play at your own pace, living a heartwarming lifestyle with the animals in your town. Tobidase - Doubutsu No Mori.

Also avaiable: the downloadable edition that is always with you and you can't lose as well as the 3DS Special Edition Pack, which also contains the downloadable edition.

More details on the game can be found here.

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You can swim?!


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@xaLieNxGrEyx said:

You can swim?!


And dive for treasure! (shells, gems, mermaids combs and treasure chests, etc etc)

Not until next year...

It will do well on the sales front.

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I want this, now.

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New Info that's come out today...

  • Buy fortune Cookies
  • Each costs 2 3DS game coins
  • Trace the fortunes inside for rare goods
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I feel like you see way less with the scrolling world compared to the grid/screen style of the gamecube version. Still, I do love me some Animal Crossing, how much is a 3DS...

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This game is the only reason I bought a 3DS.

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