Animal Crossing New Leaf: Friend Codes Swap!

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My friend code is 3325-1564-3410 Name Gabriel

Adding everyone :)

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name: nakedsnake


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Hey everyone. New here and I need AC friends.

Name: Stizzmatic

FC: 2277-7578-5277

My town has cherries.

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Hey come visit my town!

Name: jerps

FC: 1289-8224-0414

I have cherries, mangoes, lemons, lychee, durians and soon apples and coconuts.

Fruit salad business.

ps: please pm me if you add me, thanks!

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bond : 0946-2920-4877

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@thatdutchguy: Hey!! My friend code is : 2809-7448-9302 Zoodoupa

I'm french :)

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Please add me and send friend request.

PM me and I'll add you back.

Thanks heaps in advance.


1693 1299 5334

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Jerv: 3711 - 7679 - 4566

#461 Posted by TheJerkStore (2 posts) -



Just started playing a day or two ago, but I do have apples

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Hey pplz :p I will add, and request :p. just messege me.

My Friends code is: 3883-5629-1120

Username: jazzasaur

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I have apples. Add me and send a pm so I can add you back. 5284-1957-9368. Mugglemum (Sara)

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3582-9191-2679 - Mat

I just started and I have cherries.

#465 Posted by Cougartai (15 posts) -

Cougartai: 1907-8809-1250

Rudy - Native fruit: Oranges

#466 Posted by insouciant (853 posts) -

Name: Eric
Town: Sin City
Code: 1118-1028-9858
3DS Nickname: Vegas 2AM

#467 Posted by prashain (2 posts) -

Prashain: 3239-2296-5356

#468 Posted by CoinMatze (517 posts) -

Matze: 3325-2026-9116

I have pears. They may be my least favorite fruit.

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My friend code is 4227-1148-7188 if anyone wants to add me please PM me. I'm in EST and have very few friends in same time zone to hook up with.

Name is Adam and Town is called Pompey.

#470 Posted by Ritsuka (2 posts) -

Ritsuka - 3196-3729-2568
I have Cherries!

#471 Posted by jacobsimms (2 posts) -

Friend Code 1693-1338-5832

Name Jake

#472 Posted by Benpokemon10 (2 posts) -



please add me

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Ok, so I've added everyone on page 10 so far and the first 10 or so people in the list. Add me!

Name is Mongoose. Add me peeps!

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1547-6417-4759 My name is Sally

add me pleeeease im new to this thanks

#475 Posted by dikfox (57 posts) -

3480-3829-7315 James here, I have peaches ;p Add me and I'll add back.

#476 Posted by Ethril_dragon (2 posts) -

Hey everyone, Name is Ethril!Code is 3411-1168-0182

I'm looking for peaches and pears! I've got cherries, apples, oranges.

#477 Posted by caligirl330 (3 posts) -

Mayor Debbie 4500-2159-3449

Please add me. I have no friend right now. Thanks

#478 Posted by caligirl330 (3 posts) -



FC: 4742-5556-7396

Please add me. I am adding everyone on the list.

#479 Posted by buckjohnson (2 posts) -

Aaron: 3368-0987-1465

Let me know if you add me and I'll add you.

#480 Posted by MrFull (2 posts) -

Alex: 2809 - 7996 - 4879

I have cherries and would like all other types of fruit :)

#481 Posted by wooville1 (13 posts) -

Wooville: 2165-5690-0278

I have cherries (I spent a long-ass time remaking my town until I did :))

Some other types of fruit would be nice (currently have cherries, durian, lemons and bananas). Honestly kinda bummed i didn't get lychee on the tropical island.

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Getting this next week since Amazon is having a sale on it.

FC is 5284 - 1431 - 8630

3DS name is Grant

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name : Melissa


will be adding as many as possible

hope to see you all soon :D

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Name: K-Mac

0860 3384 1453 0548

I'm going to add as many as I can.

#486 Posted by kmac639 (3 posts) -

Name: K-Mac

0860 3384 1453 0548

I'm going to add as many people as I can.

#487 Posted by Metalman781 (91 posts) -

Name: Trevor - Code: 3024-5691-9867 - Native Fruit: Peach

PM that you added me and i'll add you.

#488 Posted by Akane5689 (4 posts) -

Name: Frances

Town Name: CanTown (I hope someone knows gets the reference)

I have apples and oranges.

Friend Code: 0404-6039-1938

Also the character I picked is a dude.

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added you!! pls add back :)

Ken - 4897_7390_1072

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Name: Aaron

Code: 2020 - 0689 - 4829

I have oranges, pears, peaches! All the island fruit too.

I'm gonna go backwards through the pages and add people, but PM me and I'll make sure I add you.

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I added some of you guys/gals so just add me please 5241-2720-1541 name Foamy

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Would love to see some towns other than my own, so here's my friendcode: 0018-0139-8117

#493 Posted by kylerwortman (2 posts) -

Hi all :D! my friend code is 116097217085

#494 Posted by ChoboBot (185 posts) -

Hi all my friend code is 2921-9733-4111, feel free to add me, PM me and ill back.

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3582-9203-5982. Kirsty, just started 2 days ago :)

#496 Posted by Grymsin (11 posts) -

added you all



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Just got this today, it's my first Animal Crossing game. I have no idea what I'm doing! That being said...

I'm Tyler

FC: 4854 - 7855 - 9589

Add me and let me know you're from GiantBomb. No one I know has a 3DS, and I don't trust the way Tabby looks at me...

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I just got New Leaf, so I am looking for other players. I've never played an animal crossing game, so I am ready to give it a shot.

Name: muppet (Ashlee)

FC: 2938-6711-6948

#499 Posted by Kerned (1183 posts) -

Hey everyone. My wife and I (especially my wife) are playing very regularly and would love some visitors! Cherrys, apples, lemons, island fruit... and I have an extra Master Sword I'd be willing to trade. Add me, PM me, and I'll do the same. :D

Eric - 4184-1254-3799

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