Animal Crossing New Leaf: Friend Codes Swap!

#751 Posted by edeo (292 posts) -

Peter: 4527-7387-5619

I'm on at 1pm PST and around 4am PST. I open my gates quite often, but I'm having a hard time finding people who open their gates. I have all the fruit and don't mess up towns I visit. I'm interested in completing my Nintendo item sets.

Send me a PM if you think we'd make a good match.

#752 Posted by jirraiya (1 posts) -

Hey guys added all of you witch are on the list please add me i add everyone on my 3ds

Name; jiraiya

Friend code; 4098-3216-3301

#753 Posted by PlutoPrincess (3 posts) -

My name is Tori and my friend code is:2723-8445-5277

Message me if you added me and send me your friend code and I'll add you right back! :)

#754 Posted by Macksujin (18 posts) -

Heys, I'm just getting into AC:NL. Will add as many people as I can. Message me ya friend code and i'll add ya'll up.

Macksujin: 3609-1025-0601

#755 Edited by daphne4eva (3 posts) -

Name: Kai

FC: 4940-6148-8614

PM me if you add me, il add back.

#756 Posted by Kyurikami (1 posts) -

Dan: 0619 - 3737 - 1147

PM if you add me and I'll return the favour

#757 Posted by fililou (1 posts) -



thanks :D

#758 Posted by KaiwaD (3 posts) -


I added you. :)

My FC is


#759 Edited by RemonB (1 posts) -

Rémon 1821-9174-2134

PM with name and code when you add and i'll add back.


#760 Edited by Buttmonk3y (136 posts) -

Have just got the game. Friend code is: 0533-5035-7249 Let me know if you want to add me so i can add you back. Name on 3DS is Buttmonk3y.

Im needing new fruit and anything else people can spare. lol

#761 Posted by CaptainObvious (3000 posts) -

Just got an XL, don't have any games yet though :(

Jacek 1134 - 7984 - 7050

#762 Posted by MeliHere (1 posts) -

Hey! My friend code is 4398-8997-1627

My name is Melissa

#763 Edited by GnomeonFire (806 posts) -

Just bought this game. No idea what I'm doing.

3609-1357-3536 - Lucas

PM with friend code if you add.

#764 Edited by Terjay (827 posts) -

I've never used the online stuff on Nintendo stuff (mainly because the last Nintendo device I had was the OG Game Boy). Where can I find the friend code to post here?

#765 Edited by KagamineRin (2 posts) -

Hey everyone!

My friend code is 3437-4101-5826, my Mii name is Raven, and on Animal Crossing: New Leaf, I am Venus from Kanto! Message me if you add me, or add me on Facebook (Teej Naizuki) and message me there!

#766 Posted by Nodderly (404 posts) -


Let me know and I'll add you! I have pears. Do you like pears? I have some.

#767 Posted by Johnnyshafto (1 posts) -

Code: 4570-7571-3942

Name: Ilom

Please add me everyone!

#768 Posted by sqwikles (8 posts) -

2406-5526-0242 add me yu guys im playin rit now ^^ names jenny

#769 Posted by krystians (409 posts) -

Hello Everyone,

My name is Krystian I live in Vancouver, and I am looking for AC friends. I have tons of fruits so share, but I am also looking for serious players. I don't plan on raiding your town of fruits and never visiting.

Please add me. My town is called Llima, and my FC is 4596-9454-8998


#770 Posted by Nomorewars (1 posts) -

Hi Krystian

I go on pretty often (ATM). I have a very nice town and would like some "faraway towns" to visit as well. I added you, add me

My town is called Opolis and my FC is 0275-7646-7073

You can also visit my dream town. My town is called Opolis, and my characters are Ursula and Peggy

#771 Posted by TheGreatGuero (9130 posts) -

My friend code is 0490 - 5415 - 7729
My town is named Campana and my player is named Guero.

My dream address is 4900-2398-2150

#772 Posted by drjvicente (16 posts) -

Friend Code: 2105-8681-6187
PM and add, guys!

#773 Posted by Terjay (827 posts) -

So I figured this friend code thing out. FC: 1478-3913-2779 and my mayor is called Anselmi. I just started out but I seem to have a bunch of pears. Also I'm in the Eurozone.

#774 Posted by Rosabelle (1 posts) -

I just started playing yesterday! My friend code: 3496-9948-1070

Just send me your fc an i'll add back! Plz I want some friends in animal crossing

#775 Edited by rockyhorrorgerri (373 posts) -

On daily! Let me know if you add me


#776 Edited by RaynebowBrite (1 posts) -

Frequent player of New Leaf, let me know if you add me!

FC: 3496-9764-0897

Name: Caitlin

Town: Gotham

#777 Edited by Choopster (2 posts) -
#778 Posted by GoonerGod (37 posts) -

Just started playing

FC: 4484-8393-3393

Name: Sam

#779 Edited by Solange (1 posts) -

Interested in playing with those who don't destroy landscape or snore.

Please let me know you added me and I'll add you

FC: 3625-8806-9082

Town: Nirvana

Player Name: Remy

Mii: Solange

#780 Posted by sqwikles (8 posts) -

hey add me guys my fc is 2406-5526-0242 ^^

#781 Posted by sqwikles (8 posts) -

hey guys looking to visit a new town add me <3 my fc is 2406-5526-0242

#782 Posted by caramello0o (1 posts) -

@sqwikles: I added you! Mine is 4682-8729-4268. Name is Jacob.

#783 Posted by Morka (171 posts) -
#784 Posted by shanybear (1 posts) -

Friend Code: 4871-4215-2990

Name: ShanyBear

Add me!

Pm me your Friend code and name if you add me :)

I've added a few of you so check your PM's!

#785 Posted by ShaleneTeets (2 posts) -

Still searching for friends :) 2208-5282-8295 name:shalene message me with your code so i can add too!

#786 Posted by kingjulesxii (77 posts) -

Hey everybody, feel free to add me!

Message me back with your code if you have.

Trying to get into the habit of playing much more often, always accepting folk into my place. :)

Jules: 4038 - 7416 - 7342

#787 Posted by MistyIG (1 posts) -

I friended you can you plz friend back

#788 Posted by drjvicente (16 posts) -

@krystians: Helo There! Im João, from Brazil, i bought AC:NL a few days agora. Ill add you to check on your town, and hope and i can learn some stuff :) See ya! (my FC is 2105-8681-6187)

#789 Posted by Ghostpiggy (1 posts) -

Hello all! I'm a fairly new player, looking for some friends. If you add me, I'll add you back!

Code: 3024-5831-2650


#790 Posted by Rasmoss (491 posts) -

Feel free to add me too :). My code is 4382-2091-1758.

#791 Edited by Shpadoinkle (29 posts) -

Hey guys,

I'm a new player (5 days into the game), would love for some of you to add me. I have no idea how most of this works, so forgive me in advance. ;)

Name: Shpad

FC: 3797-6804-7695

#792 Edited by fallenangelx5x (2 posts) -

Hello I am lauren :)

Looking for some friends and to visit towns and to maybe trade some stuff with ppl so add me :)


message me if u added me

#793 Edited by danjbailey (36 posts) -



Oh and if it matters I've got pears out the wazoo.

#794 Edited by ShatterMode (3 posts) -

Kurt: 0001-3532-4134

#795 Posted by wolfeflow (2 posts) -

Hey guys, I'm about to add everyone on the first page list - please add me!

Name: Wolfeflow

FC: 2036-7441-5446

#796 Posted by wolfeflow (2 posts) -

Please PM me with your code and I'll add you back!

wolfeflow is the name and the FC is 2036-7441-5446

#797 Posted by busted1der (202 posts) -

Friend Code: 4914-2738-3627

#798 Posted by Triumvir (504 posts) -

Please PM if you add me.

Name: Stephen

FC: 3196-2850-0795

I have cherries, perfect cherries, and apples

#799 Posted by pastizziface (1 posts) -

I'll be adding people from the last page as soon as I get a chance either tonight or tomorrow. PM me if you add me and I will add back!

FC: 5455-9728-9431

#800 Posted by subtek (61 posts) -

Name: jerps

FC: 1289-8224-0414

I play every day and have my gates open often. I'm looking for others who are doing the same.

My HHA Score is over 100,000!

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