Animal Crossing New Leaf: Friend Codes Swap!

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Andrew: 1220-7044-9016

I need peaches and oranges, as well as all the tropical fruit besides lychee and bananas. If anyone can help...PM me please.

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@mormonwarrior: ill play with you. My friend code is


I am starting to grow rare fruit and happen to have 1 peach and 1 orange tree and some other rare fruit trees. Please visit.

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Add me please! Name: Mellie


I have pears (native), peaches, lemons, persimmons, durians, and bananas! Add me, Il add you! :)

Please no cutting down my trees!

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@mysteryc: Sorry, notifications haven't been working and I've been recovering from surgery. I'll add you right away!

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@mormonwarrior: add me please! Name:Mellie 0490-5541-2174

I already added you! :)

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Hi, I've never played online with friends before so don't really know what I'm doing.... but would love to visit other towns and have others visit Merivale (my town) - my name is Kimmie and FC is 2165-5930-7922 I have all fruit except persimmons - native fruit is cherry. Looking forward to hearing from new friends. By the way, Mellie, I have just added you if you would like to add me!

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Jacob 4742-5696-5841

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hii all my town has peaches and pears im allmost always online 1134-8076-3650 my name is pitbully plzz add me

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Hello everyone please dd me and il add all back

my name is daphne
my fc is 0963-0092-5007
pm me if you add an il add back within a couple hours thank you :)

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@daphne4eva: 1134-8076-3650 my name is pitbully i added u daphne

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Hi everyone!

I just added a couple of you(Jacob, Daphne, and Kimmie) so far. I am also new to this and NL is my first AC game. I have all the fruits except oranges. Been playing since the game came out on and off but I am just now trying to get all the fruits.

My FC is 0903-2847-1405 and the name is Tinaz.

Hope to see some of you online!

Pm me if you have oranges. Will trade any other fruit or bamboo or certain flowers. Have a few hybrids.

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hai if you would like to add me please do my friend code is 0962-0092-5007 and my name is daphne i added you already thanks :)

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Ryan: 3265-5285-9324

Add me

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I just picked up the game today, so I might have some catching up to do.

Feel free to add me (I've got oranges): 2337-3953-1509

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scott 0533-5136-2258

PM me with your info so I know who to add!

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Hi everyone. Here is my friend code: 3754-7378-2907 and my name is Jackson.

I'll add everyone that are on the list now, please PM me if add me and 100% add you right back!

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@macksujin: hi i added u 1134-8076-3650 my name is pitbully

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Mine is 3496-9469-4670 (got oranges) and my name is Mr lolster

I've just started today,please add me and I'll add you

Added tinaz, kimmie, pitbully and Jackson

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please add me


2638 0331 2172

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please add me


2638 0331 2172


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jemp: 4012 4221 9776

Feel free to add me and let me know if you do! :-)

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0275-8161-8949 if anyone wants to hang out :)

Let me know if you add me, I'll add you right back.

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Would you Add me please? I need more friends on this game lol n.n

My friend code is: 0564-2837-6855

My Name: SammToast

Many People should add me! :D Send me a message and I'll add too

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just got a3ds and this game! please add me! EvilSanta1986 1134-8170-0768 Erik pm me if you add for ad back (jeez psn is so much easier)

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My name is Nicole and I have added you. Here is my friend code (: 2337-4043-2271

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Neeblez: 4296-4267-3895

Add me and i'll back :D

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Native Pears with Lychee, Peach, and Lemon Plants

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Bridget : 2251-5117-0043

add me :)

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Just recently bought this game for our lass so would somebody like to add me? 1091-8256-6528

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Code: 0619 4170 6834


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anyone want to swap friend codes?



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Hope people still check this thread.



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I'll be adding everyone!!

DS name: Skittlez

Friend Code: 0619-4149-9769

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everyone add me pls.

Animal crossing

4527 8129 3330



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It's prob a long shot, but I just recently picked this game up and have no one around me to play it.

Add me if you are still playing, thanks!



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Add me to the list too.



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Please add me to the list

Martdawg: 2895-7769-0336

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Anyone still playing this, especially if you like some oranges.

Gerbil: 2079 7547 6599

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just got this Wuddel:2723-9878-7849

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Add me 1418 8124 8026 name tiffany

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