Animal Crossing New Leaf: Friend Codes Swap!

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I'll be online the next few hours looking for some foreign fruit (I have peaches). PM me if you added me!



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linus 3668-7845-9544

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damn, this thing is getting out of control ! Will update the list as soon as possible duders.

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Name: DrtyMnky - 1306-5472-4599

I added the full 100 i could and when I play ill keep my gates open.

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Let's catch mad bugs!

Name: Rodrigo

FC: 1907-8770-4388

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@karatetron: add me Name Mason Fc 4124 5056 6166

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Added pretty much everybody. Lets get trading fruit. I have apples and oranges

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Den : 0774-4855-2711

PM me for add back :)

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I've added pretty much everyone on the third page.

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My god! It took forever, but I got through everyone in that initial post. If I didn't get you, PM me. If you didn't add me and are part of the original post, I added you, so add me whenever. I'll be waiting. Alone. With my 3DS... Please add me, guys :'(

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FC: 5155 - 3066 - 8042

PM me with your FC if you add me and I'll add you back.

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FC: 3368-1086-1791

Hit me up if you want some sweet, sweet cherries.

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I'm starting to add you duders/dudettes now.


Friendship Code: 0533-4499-9827

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I'm currently adding everyone I can.

Sekaiwa: 3222-5620-7365

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Mine is 1736-0597-0925. Name is Zaero. If you PM me, I'll add ya back.

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Going to start adding people now.

Foley: 3308-4690-2749

Pears are native but I've planted them all. Need everything else except peaches.

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#169 Posted by johnstocktonsghost (7 posts) -

Matt: 1864-9179-8517. PM me with your FC for an add back. Pears are my native fruit.

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I added over 40 do you open your gate for people? is that with the monkey? Tom Nooks already riding my ass for back payment!

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Tyler: 4811-7100-6761

Cherries are my native fruit.

I'm going to add everyone from the last hour and those that come after me for a bit to be sure people near the end of the list (like me!) get some adds from this. If you don't get an add back after a day or so PM me!

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I'll try and open my gates as much as possible. Hope to see visitors!

#173 Posted by madman356647 (433 posts) -

I did some random adding, so yup. This will be much crossing of animals!

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Robert: 0344-9278-1556

I got pears for days. PM with your FC and I'll add you back.

#176 Posted by brontosaurus (14 posts) -

Dylan :1118-0955-2182

PM me if you add me so I can add you back.

#177 Posted by Silver-Streak (1519 posts) -

I kept meaning to post on here, except that I was knee deep in copying over a full color metroid symbol pattern for my flag.

Silver: 1332-7711-3718. Send me a heads up if you add me so I can add you back.

Sadly, I only have peaches. :(

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Zahir: 2277-7915-6070 Let me know if you add me and we'll hang out and stuff. My town has oranges. Growing bananas and some other stuff too, but waiting for it to finish growing.

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PM me if you add me and I'll do the same.

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I have added everyone up to post #163. Please add me back if you haven't!

Wemi FC: 1048-8060-3285

Also, I will remove and add new people as I see fit, if they don't ever accept my requests or something.

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Just got my special edition 3DS and made my new Mii.

Taka: 5129-1025-6469

Pm me if you add me and I'll add you back! My town has cherries!

#182 Posted by burnin_squirrrl (60 posts) -

I definitely want to get in on this action.

FC: 0232-7793-3726 Name: Dan

PM me or @ me if you add me. Come visit TacoGlen! The gate is OPEN!

#183 Posted by Sufferking (3 posts) -

Sandwich: 4382 - 1992 - 9361 Mwa ha ha !

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#185 Posted by lan1888 (3 posts) -

Hey there,

Name: Lan

FC: 4897-6680-9790

Please add me :) I'm adding everyone on the list

#186 Posted by lan1888 (3 posts) -

@afabs515: I'm in the same situation. I shall wait, and wait, and wait, until I hear the sound of friends.

#187 Posted by Roddykat (258 posts) -
#188 Posted by Oscar__Explosion (2675 posts) -

So what fruit has everyone started with? I got shitty apples, again! (Seriously my third animal crossing and the 2nd time in a row I ended up with apples)

#189 Posted by Soccer5537 (19 posts) -

Name: Dave Code: 2793-0861-7230

Add me!

#190 Posted by Chinatown399 (11 posts) -

Name: Lil G

Friend Code: 1332-7862-3842

Add me and I'll add u :D

#191 Posted by pyrecks (13 posts) -

I'm getting my copy tonight. PM me if you add me and I'll add you back.

Name: pyrecks

FC: 2406-5142-6583

#192 Posted by Gagewhylds (22 posts) -

Gage: 4656-6547-5696

Need more fruits! I've only got apples so far. Adding a bunch of you good folks.

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Michael - 3050-7746-9125 - Pears

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Going to add everyone on the list so far. I have cherries and apples (hopefully soon) in my town by the way. @ me or pm me if you add me and want to be sure you're added back. Otherwise I'll update sporadically and hopefully catch everyone who's new on the list.

And my stuff is:

Name: Zach

Code: 4828-4417-9808

#195 Posted by DTS (54 posts) -

My FC:

0619 2961 2745

Name: Besides

Gimme a PM whenever you add me.

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Hey duders! Also new to Animal Crossing. Add me at 2062-9268-5340. We'll hang and cross animals together! Name is Jake.

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Hey duders. I have peaches and need to snag some foreign fruit.

Name: Justin

FC: 0001-3730-3701

Added a lot of the list...feel free to hit me up

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Mayor Ganthet. Welcomes you to Oa.

Ganthet2814: 0490-4900-9166

PM me if add. See there.

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Name: Solzen FC: 0387-9932-1635 (Native Fruit: Cherry)

Haven't begun adding anyone else, I'll pm the the ones that I do. PM me if you add me, that way I know if there is any demand to open the gates.

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