Animal Crossing New Leaf: Friend Codes Swap!

#301 Posted by newhatter (20 posts) -


Let me know if you add me, and I will do the same.

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Matt: 1504-5715-5938

I'm in the UK and I've got apples. Looking for visitors/hangouts! PM me if you add me and tell me your code. I'll add you back.

#303 Posted by Valle (30 posts) -

Username: Valnor

FC: 3067-5155-4229

Pm if you add me so i can add you back!

#304 Edited by JoshS (437 posts) -

Kindite: 0061-0299-9413

If you add me, let me know by @ing me, or PMing me, and I will add you back.

#305 Posted by EarthwormElliott (5 posts) -

Username: Elliott

FC: 3093 - 7091 - 6192

I am based in the UK please let me know if you add me so I can return the favour :)

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I've added a hundred people, sort of at random, mostly the first in the list.

That was a lot of people to add.

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Joining the crew


Name: Ani

#310 Posted by Legend (2697 posts) -

@ravelle: Good thing I saw your post here. I don't think some of the other guys you added saw your post. Might be better to PM them. :)

#311 Posted by supermonkey122 (1053 posts) -

3007-8158-3379 Jack

#313 Posted by joshrholloway (81 posts) -



#314 Posted by rae1905 (2 posts) -

038788194936 add me!

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Just realised that people have to add you back. PM me if you add!

#316 Posted by thesarcasticone123 (2 posts) -

Hey there Animal Crossers! If you want to add me, I'll be sure to add you too! Thanks! :)

5327-1762-4564 Name: KD Just PM me if you added and I'll add ya back!

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Add me please :)



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Added you Liv

Name Mupp

FC 0189-8915-1694

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Anyone Please add me

Name Mupp

FC 0189-8915-1694

#320 Posted by IAMTHAT (14 posts) -

Hey everyone



peace out!

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Matthew: 1864-8869-2495

PM me if you add, and I'll add you back!

#322 Posted by HeyJay99 (2 posts) -

Hey guys could you add me please- 5472-6188-9119


#323 Posted by Mae246 (2 posts) -

So if I add someone they will just see my code too? Or do they need my code before?@thatdutchguy:

#324 Posted by Turtlebird95 (3182 posts) -

Bought it off the eShop. Probably won't be on until later tonight but my code is:

0301-9912-8111 Name: TurtleBird

Hit me up on here if you add me! :D

#325 Posted by DigTheDoug (192 posts) -



Looking forward to actually seeing other people online.

#326 Posted by badseed (61 posts) -

Name: TeflonBill

FC: 3582-8298-9309

Loving forward to seeing some new visitors in my town.

#327 Posted by alececko (2 posts) -

Add me! Alex: 0817-3949-0248

#328 Posted by xSeanZx (256 posts) -

@badseed: I added you back and am online for a bit...

Guys I am going to open my gates right now and I have Peaches..... PM me if you add me and want to come over.... I will add you back. FC is 2836 0092 0693 Sean

#329 Edited by xSeanZx (256 posts) -

Whoever has been trying to get into my town.... I do not know what is up with the internet errors... anyone know how to fix them? They show the little mole dude and just say an error has occurred.

Anyways whoever it is if you open your gates I will come over with peaches

#330 Posted by 49th (3128 posts) -

So somehow I ended up buying Animal Crossing... here is my friend code, let's hang out:


#331 Posted by Reidster2002 (6 posts) -

Reid- 2981-59719287 accept me I have Cherrys bananas and mangos ill trade those for lemons coconuts pears peaches and oranges

#332 Posted by myles445 (4 posts) -

Name: Myles

Friend Code: 2552-1240-0566

#333 Edited by superflyguy (10 posts) -

Hey guys,

Would love any of you to join me in my town! I have gifts buried! Sy 1435-4326-9805

#334 Posted by superflyguy (10 posts) -

@myles445: I added ya man! Add back if you want some pears!!

#335 Posted by therealbailey (2 posts) -
#336 Posted by superflyguy (10 posts) -
#337 Posted by superflyguy (10 posts) -

@49th: added! 1435-4326-9805

#338 Posted by DoctorDonkey (810 posts) -

Friendcode: 2466-1981-6210

Username: Zack

Got phat oranges like WHOA

#339 Edited by mnB (79 posts) -

Hi guys and gals! Just got the game and would love to have some people to play with :)

Username: Baran
Friendcode: 2921-9076-5160

Feel free to add me and i'll do the same when I'm home from work :) Write here or PM

#340 Posted by Evan223 (108 posts) -

Does any one have a fishing rod instock? If so could you PM me your friend code, it would be much appreciated

#341 Edited by Reidster2002 (6 posts) -

I'm online on animal crossing I need oranges pears peaches coconuts and lemon


Name: Reid

I am so lonely so plz send me a request and ill send you one.

#342 Edited by Reidster2002 (6 posts) -

I added u @superflyguy now add me back


Name: Reid

#343 Posted by stitch2007 (6 posts) -

@reidster2002: i add you please add me:

Name: Max

Fc: 4854-6427-3410

#344 Posted by stitch2007 (6 posts) -

@reidster2002: i add you please add me:

Name: Max

Fc: 4854-6427-3410

#347 Posted by superflyguy (10 posts) -

@mnb: added! Mine is 1435-4326-9805

#348 Posted by stitch2007 (6 posts) -
#349 Edited by YourAverageBear (2 posts) -

I'm on fairly often. Just looking for fellow casual AC players. Gates are open nearly 24/7. Feel free to visit, I do ask that you respect the grass, though! ;p

Name : Panda

FC : 3823 - 9564 - 8540

#350 Posted by xSeanZx (256 posts) -

Anyone have a store with some sunglasses in stock I could come over and buy?

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