Animal Crossing: New Leaf Online Lobby Thread

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I thought I would kick this thread off so we wouldn't clog up other threads.

If you would like to get an online game going, just post in this thread!

If you are looking for Friend Codes, head over to THIS THREAD. Let's try to keep the Friend Codes out of this thread and keep them in that one.

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Poo... My town has been open this entire Microsoft E3 press conference...

#3 Posted by masondavid123 (3 posts) -

JJOR64 plz open your gate i havent played with anyone before

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let's play and watch EA. PM me when you add me.

FC for people to lazy to find it in the other thread: Zahir: 2277-7915-6070

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I've opened my gate so anyone can jump in. If anyone has an extra bug net I could have I'd greatly appreciate it.

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Yo bombers! Anyone's shop have a fishing rod in it? Mine only has a net, and I'm itching to fish.

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@starfoxa said:

Yo bombers! Anyone's shop have a fishing rod in it? Mine only has a net, and I'm itching to fish.

Got a shovel and fishing road right now.

#8 Posted by bmccann42 (149 posts) -

Anyone have a spare net? Will trade for shovel or fishing rod!

#9 Posted by MideonNViscera (2269 posts) -

Sadly, I have nothing to offer anyone because I sold all my fruit the first day heh I was just so excited I could stack it!

#10 Posted by StarFoxA (5257 posts) -

Anyone have a spare net? Will trade for shovel or fishing rod!

There's still a spare net in my shop! I don't need a rod anymore, found one from a friend, but you're welcome to come over and buy the net.

#11 Posted by linus_south (172 posts) -

I added down to oscar explosion the main thread from the top add me back. linus 3668-7845-9544 if you're below that let me know...

#12 Posted by SquigglyElf (42 posts) -

Does anyone want to trade fruit? I have peaches.

#13 Posted by Quid_Pro_Bono (534 posts) -

Online with my gate open, desperately seeking Net and/or Slingshot. I have some oranges you could take!

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Katrina's in my town, if anyone's interested in getting their fortune! There's also a fishing rod in my shop today, if anyone's still missing that.

Also, she told me I need some basketball shorts for good luck, so if anyone has those, I'm buying. Right now I'm cursed, so I'm tripping a whoooole lot.

(FC is 0748-2161-6741)

#15 Posted by mintyice (225 posts) -

Hey I have a shit ton of pears I'm trying to trade for other fruits/sell in your town. Looking for oranges/durians/coconut/lemons/mangoes. Anyone interested?

Jeremy 2079-6564-4112

#16 Posted by afabs515 (1442 posts) -

Does anyone have an extra watering can? I accidentally sold mine. DON'T LET MY TOWN DIE!!! PLEASE!!!

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Got a fresh crop of oranges in. I need every other type of fruit.
Also need net, slingshot, and watering can

Brad. FC 4983-4941-8247

#18 Posted by edulle (19 posts) -

@blackcat0158: I'll trade 3 pears for 3 oranges.

FC: 3325-2161-7651

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I've got some pears on my trees. I'll open my gate. Feel free to come grab them. I wouldn't mind an orange, cherry, or banana in return but don't sweat it if ya ain't got it.

EDIT: Oh yeah, only take 3 so others can have too. I don't have a whole village worth right now.

EDIT2 : I may also be afk haha

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I'm looking to trade some lychees, lemons, mangoes, durians, or bananas for any other fruit except apples, oranges, or coconuts (sorry, I'm out of those to trade).

Tommy is currently selling a net and shovel.


#21 Posted by C2C (889 posts) -

Anyone interested in cherrys? I'll open the gate if there's any demand for them. Just reply or PM me.

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@c2c: As someone who has no cherries I wouldn't say no to them :D But I don't have any fruits to give right now D: (just got the game yesterday and cleaned out my village from top to bottom)


#23 Posted by C2C (889 posts) -

@starvinggamer: no prob, I have enough to go around for a couple of people. Just be sure to leave some for others.

FC: 0387-9932-1635

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I've got mad pears and I need to get an orchard started, so let me know if you've got other fruit.


#25 Posted by MideonNViscera (2269 posts) -

So uh, my Able Sisters has a crown for sale for 1.2 million bells. Any takers? haha

#26 Edited by Pessh (2505 posts) -

Could use a fishing rod if anyone's got one in their shop =/

#27 Posted by Orangefreak92 (70 posts) -
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Hey guys, I've got this cat in my town who wants me to take her to another town, anyone want to carry on the chain?

#29 Posted by MideonNViscera (2269 posts) -

@mideonnviscera: Do they still? I've got the bells to blow...

Naw I actually managed to get the cash together but they closed 15 minutes before I could buy it.

#30 Posted by Nezza (386 posts) -
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@nezza: Farming fish/bugs on the island with the Bell Boom ordinance. You can make upwards of 250k a trip.

#32 Posted by MideonNViscera (2269 posts) -

If you cut down all the normal trees, bushes, and flowers, the tropical tree beetles will spawn way more often, and you can make money even faster. I made 1.2 million bells in 2 hours last night haha

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I'm not sure if everyone gets the same events, but I'm having a Bug-Off tomorrow. Also, Katrina is in town reading fortunes today.

And I have an extra Legend of Zelda Link shirt.

#34 Posted by MideonNViscera (2269 posts) -

I think Bug-Offs and Fishing Tourneys are like Holidays. We get them the same days.

#35 Posted by CurtMan2k7 (135 posts) -

hey everyone, was wondering if anyone has a bug net for sale, when selling to Nookling's or Re-Tail i accidentally sold my bug net lol, and now the Nookling's haven't sold it yesterday or today. this is my first AC, and after i did this i felt so much like a newb. :( ..anyways if anyone has a extra bug net, or their store is selling it, that would be great. not sure how online works as i haven't tried it, and only saw the little bit in the Quick Look, can i come to your world an buy it from your store, or do i have u buy it and then pay u with bells? thanks any advice would be very thankful. loving the game, and wondering why i never tried any of the earlier ones now. my FC is in the other thread, but.... Name: DCthree FC: 0232-7801-6773 if anyone wants to help, just respond here or pm. thanks

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My gate is open.

Nooks has a net and a spade for sale today and the apples are plentiful.

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