Animal Crossing Themed 3DS XL

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#2 Posted by Wong_Fei_Hung (735 posts) -

All Black has been revealed also. I may finally get one now...

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#3 Posted by Tonyyj (154 posts) -

No word of NA release? I'd buy that Mario 3DS XL in a heartbeat.

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@Tonyyj said:

No word of NA release? I'd buy that Mario 3DS XL in a heartbeat.

The Mario one could make it over in a new 3DS bundle, but no announcements have been made, yet - there's a Nintendo Direct tomorrow. The AC one is unlikely until the game arrives in 2013 on Western shores. Unlike the recent Pokemon Center Pikachu Edition 3DS, there's a slim chance of these both coming to the West.

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@Tonyyj said:

No word of NA release?


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Looks ugly in my opinion. I thought that Zelda and Fire Emblem model awhile ago looked way better.

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You know I was recently in an HMV and got to see a 3DS next to a 3DS XL. Before this I was on the fence about getting one because I already have a 3DS, but man I compared them and god damn is that XL is a nice screen. So what if the 3D might not work as well, screw that. I may treat myself during the post Christmas sale.

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OMG I wish that would come over. I still like my purple 3DS but that is awesome

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Hello CrayonChewer art.

Anyway, my mum really likes Animal crossing, plus she wants an XL, so this could be perfect for her. (If they actually release it in the UK, that is.)

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Ew. Nintendo, won't you give me what I really want!?

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god dammit, now I wish I had waited to get a 3DS XL. Those are some pretty sexy looking 3dses

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The only thing that's stopping me from getting a 3DS XL is that sporadic case of warm/yellow tinted screens. If the handheld is past that phase then I'd definitely be ready to make the jump.

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The Mario themed one looks pretty neat but I don't know about the Animal Crossing one...doesn't look that good to me.

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@TooWalrus said:

Ew. Nintendo, won't you give me what I really want!?

Does that have a big fat L over the front of the console? Because if so... count me in!

The Pikachu one is gaudy as hell, but I still feel like that's the only XL variety I'd buy. If only it at least had a black hinge...

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