Anyone want Katie?

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I have the kitten (Katie) in my town now, she would like to travel. Would anyone like to open their gates so I can drop her off?

FC: 0216-1700-9453

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I'll take her.


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@bobrocks: My gate is open! Bring all the riff raff to me!

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Some creepy human trade peddling going on here...glad I ditched her in some poor smucks town before I could become an accomplice.

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@takayamasama: We lost her, CPS and Cooper are already looking for us!!! We think Nook has her in some sort of slave trade "working off her debt"...

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STILL HAVEN'T FOUND HER OH GOD OH GOD. I think Nook put her into the child slave trade already. :(

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Is there any benefit at all for taking her to another town aside from the picture of this child I now have in my house (which is really creepy)?

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@quid_pro_bono: She can send quite a few items, one of which is that picture. So she is useful for some rarer goods.

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Not gonna lie, clicked on this thread assuming it was going to be a confession from someone wanting to have sex with a character from Animal Crossing and hoping for support.

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@quid_pro_bono: She can send quite a few items, one of which is that picture. So she is useful for some rarer goods.

Oh man well now I feel ripped off. Is there anything particularly cool?

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Edit: And its gone

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She was in my town the other day, but nobody was online and coudn't take her along. I also had no idea what she was suppose to mean, well besides her being adorable and wanted her for my own.

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Anyone want my pussy? 2750-2198-1086

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I also have Katie if anyone wants here. FC: 0189-8491-2586

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I have a refuge looking for another town to visit.

Edit: Already drove her out of town.

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Bartering women you good for nothing so and so's...


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She's back! Looking for another open gate.

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Me too! Anyone want her?? I'll give you apples and mangos! FC is 1762-2680-2685

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Katie's in town today - anyone want her?

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I also have Katie in my town for one day only!


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Ani't no fun when the homies can't have none...

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I want Katie so baaad.

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