Best Buy Exclusive New Leaf Items! Wall Clock Until 6/29

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Hey I just wanted to make a post to make people aware of the exclusive Best Buy Nintendo Zone items for Animal Crossing New Leaf. These items will be changing up until August 10th when they stop giving them out. The list of the items are as follows:

Raccoon Wall Clock: 6/16-6/29

Cat Tower: 6/30-7/13

Suitcase: 7/14-7/27

Double-Neck Guitar: 7/28-8/10

These items can be downloaded via the Nintendo Zone in participating Best Buys. The item is picked up at your towns post office.

To search for one near you or check out pictures of the items just head to

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ahaha i know right? it looks awesome

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Well damn, guess I'll be going to best buy four times.

Thanks for the heads up duder

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