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I recently bought a 3DS with Animal Crossing as my first game. I've played it for a few days and just paid off the 40k house loan. The gameplay loop I'm doing (running around grabbing whatever items I find and selling/donating them) is not fun. Am I missing something or is this really the game everyone has been raving about? Right now I just want to sell this cart and move on.

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@minivan: I think your expectations might just need to be adjusted, the main purpose of the game isn't necessarily about paying off the loan, it's more about improving your town, visiting the citizens, taking part in the various seasonal events(Without time travelling) and sharing your experiences with other players. I spent countless hours in the gamecube version just enjoying the game. It's hard now and days when most games set clear objectives that shuttle you from point A to Point B as quickly as possible. But, Animal Crossing isn't about that, it's about just enjoying the small activities in the day to day life of your village.

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Yeah..Animal Crossing is boring. People love it because it's low impact and relaxing and all that. I find that boring. I guess we're in similar boats. I'd say move on.

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Sick burn.

Yeah, I decided Animal Crossing is not for me, because I already have a thing on my 3DS that I routinely check every day for like 30 minutes, and that's "Streetpass Plaza and all those games that motherfucking rabbit sold me". I have classes at university 5 days a week, so I get plenty of Streetpasses to deal with. Checking Streetpasses sucks up enough of my time as it is, and the rest of my 3DS time is devoted to actual 3DS games.

But by all means, if you don't get to Streetpass a lot, I could see how Animal Crossing could fill that void for "thing to do everyday that is kind of relaxing, and slow, steady progress".

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@wolfgame: I have no problem exploring or relaxing in a game world without continuous objectives. I did a lot of that in GTA, Red Dead, and in AC3's frontier. Maybe this one just isn't for me.

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@minivan: That's perfectly reasonable, the animal crossing gameplay isn't for everyone, I think even animal crossing fans would be willing to admit that. Sounds like you gave the game a good shake but it didn't work out as you thought it would, maybe trading / selling would be a good option so you can find a game better suited for the gaming experience you want to have.

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You're not alone. I bought it due to the amount of hype people were giving it. I played every day for a few weeks then realized that I'm doing menial tasks in a lifeless game. I haven't touched it in over a month.

I'm sure the character interactions were very innovative back in the N64/Gamecube era where real-time gameplay like this was unheard of. Now that just about every game has online connectivity and persistence, it's hard to justify doing boring things like picking fruit that sells for nothing, or visiting neighbors that are boring.

Maybe if the online stuff wasn't so horrible, I'd be more interested. It's like pulling teeth getting into an online game with friends, just because Nintendo is paranoid about their users and the online interactions they have.

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I loved it on gamecube but I don't much care for it on 3DS. It's very similar and all the repeating dialogue they force you to sit through is just the most frustrating thing in the world.

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Animal crossing always seemed tedious to me.

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I loved it the first couple of weeks, then my friend stopped playing it and I didn't see any point in playing anymore, I have a big living room with a second floor bedroom and one additional room on the ground floor and decorated it all Japanese style it was great.
But without anyone to show it too, I quickly lost interest in any further upgrading. Collecting bugs at dusk is a chore and running back and forth selling apples is kind of meaningless.

I really wish it had something from the old Harvest Moon's in it, plant seeds, water them and harvest them. Give me something to go back for every day and make every object something useful instead of selling everything to Re-Tail. Let me prepare the food and eat it along with a hunger system, let me sleep in my bed and make that the save & quit feature like Harvest moon did so well. It had so much potential but they didn't do anything with it.

And with with the Harvest Moon series being reduced to shovelware now, we only have Rune Factory as our last hope.

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I played it for about a month, but after that it became a chore to play. I was waking up extra early just to water all my fucking plants and harvest my fruit, until I slapped myself and took it out of my 3DS and never looked back.

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@ravelle: Interesting. You're right, the constant fruit selling does feel meaningless. I've never played Harvest Moon, but I can imagine Animal Crossing with some kind of gardening system (or any system where you have rewarding stuff to maintain) would be neat. I've seen Minecraft mods that do that really well.

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@minivan said:

@ravelle: Interesting. You're right, the constant fruit selling does feel meaningless. I've never played Harvest Moon, but I can imagine Animal Crossing with some kind of gardening system (or any system where you have rewarding stuff to maintain) would be neat. I've seen Minecraft mods that do that really well.

The N64 , SNES and GBA Harvest moon are great, it had original art before they went complete chibi anime.

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Yeah, I played it for like 2 weeks thinking that I was gonna get super into it. I was wrong...

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It's not fun unless you're obsessed with collecting everything and getting all gold badges. Well, even then it's not fun, but you're obsessed with it so you do it.

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You heartless monster.


heh. Nah, it's fine if you aren't into it. Sorry it hasn't struck your fancy. It took a little while for it to "click" with me, but it has. This is my first Animal Crossing, and I'm still enjoying it a decent bit. I know it's just a pick up and play for a few minutes every day kind of gaming though, and it's in no way for everyone.

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I could see how someone could get bored with this game, but I think it depends on expectations. To be honest, I was bored with the game for the first few days only because of a perceived lack of reciprocity from the game--I was putting in a few hours a day, and only getting bells and some museum pieces for my efforts. Now, however, I find that I get more fun out of the game by waking up, finding my four fossils/money rock/rare jewel rock/two furniture items, talking to all my neighbors, going to the island and selling some bugs, and maybe redecorating for a bit if I find some new items--and shutting the game off for the day. It keeps me from feeling bored with the game, and gets me to look forward to tomorrow.

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Played it for like a month in the summer. Now haven't booted the game up in a while...

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