Can someone explain to me what is Animal Crossing?

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Hey everyone,

This may seems like a dumb question but I'm really wondering what is Animal crossing exactly? I'm sitting here looking at my 3DS eshop and I'm very tempted to try it. The game seems to have some charm to it and the interaction between player seems fun.

l looked through the wiki which explain mostly the new change of the game but not what the goal is. I also looked at 2-3 episodes of a let's play to see what the game is all about and even now I'm not to sure.

So in short, what's the goal? Developping the city? Becoming rich? Having the biggest house in town? I'm really curious about what the game is and I'm a little afraid to drop the money on something I might not enjoy.

Any info is appreciated and will receive basket of fruit if I ever decide to buy the game! (not really, but I will add you as best friend!)

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The new one is essentially about developing the town, making friends with the villagers, expanding your house, collecting all the art/bugs/fish/fossils/K.K. Slider songs.

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Well there isn't really any end game objective, its more like something like the sims where the main objective is to just play. There are objectives, mainly upgrading your house and building town projects but it is much more about collecting stuff (fish, bugs, furniture) and experiencing the things that happen in your town.

There is actually a main objective in the very beginning of the game, which is to get your approval rating high enough but you reach that goal very quickly. There a very little 'game like' things, there are occasional competitions for things like fishing etc. but the game is very leisurely.

In broad terms, Animal Crossing is a game of collecting and customization and little else. its definitely not for everyone, but there is little else on the market that is like it.

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@medacris: @schreiberty:

Ok, so I had the wrong approach by looking at this with a precise end goal. It's a little more clear when you say it's like sim in term of objective.

I'll have to think about it because I'm still uncertain that I would enjoy the game since I have never played one before. Mostly afraid of buying it and not "getting it" and missing what this game is all about. Getting out of my comfort zone could probably be good though.

Either way, It gave me a better idea of what I should expect of it. Thanks!

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