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Hey all,

I have a sibling who lives on the opposite coast, and would like nothing more for their birthday/xmas (Dec 24 birthdays suck ;) than some simple gift cards, etc. I've always hated giving a simple card, and I know she enjoys Animal Crossing, so I've hit upon the idea of burying her "gift" - i.e. an in-game letter with a redemption code on it - somewhere in my town. Not being an AC expert, I need to know the following:

  • if my 3DS is left running in AC:NL, and my sister is on my friends list, can she enter my town without any interaction on my end?
  • can strangers enter my town while I leave it running, potentially digging up said treasures? :)
  • can you bury letters? Are they persistent? maybe I'll lead her on a merry chase around town or something
  • is this a disaster waiting to happen because i am missing some vital information??


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1) If you open your gates and leave your system open on animal crossing, yes you could be up without you doing anything. Keep in mind connection loss could still happen.

2) You could set it to only allow your best friends to enter your town but if you have any other best friends listed they will be able to enter also. If you can check on it sometime later you can close the gate after she is in to stop anyone else from entering.

3) Not sure you can bury them outright i would test it out and see what happens.

4) I think it is completely possible and as long as you only invite best friends or close your gate when she comes to your town i think you would be fine.

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