Duders, 489 bells per turnip today!

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I posted this on Reddit, so my town is getting slammed, but I thought I'd let the Giant Bomb community in on my town's high prices as well! My friend code is 0748-2161-6741, and I'm Zach in Serenity. Hit me up if you want to sell some turnips, I'll add you eventually!

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Cashed in for 244,500 bells. Thanks!

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I just added you if you are still around. If not no worries! This is kinda old by now. code is 4699-5940-3232

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damn i sold my turnips earlier in the week or i would. You are a lucky man

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@starfoxa: Hey! Is it too late to sell to ya?

Also have you reached 100 visitors for the station upgrade?

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Add me fc is 2277-6662-0226 Hope its not to late

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Okay, so my turnips are selling for 330 today. Not as high as his, but if anyone is interested, here's my FC:

I'll be on for most of the day, current in game time is 11:20AM EST. I have the night owl ordnance as well. Only rule for my town is to please not sprint. I'm funny about my grass/flowers.

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@sparklykiss: Cool! I got in that turnip death spiral price thing. Hopefully you can save my ass

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How do you even get turnips?

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