E3 2011: Animal Crossing 3DS

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WHOO HOO! Wait, there's cosplaying in Animal Crossing now, or am I just out of touch?

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so buying this

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Animal Crossing? In 3D?

I'm in.

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Bunnie will fuck your shit up.

Also if anyone has a 3DS these trailers for 3DS games are in the estore in 3D! Now you can feel Bunnie's unadulterated rage.

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I have bought every single version of Animal Crossing. They've all been slightly different.

It's a good job the 3D melts my brains otherwise I'll be buying this too!


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Be Tom Nook's bitch in 3 dimensions!

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Playa is the maya

Also this looks Animal Crossing to me. Call me when they make a new one that actually makes improvements to the structure.

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Those new characters models look odd... I mean they may be just taller, but I'm still freaking out!
Also it's gonna take a lot more than swimming to make me come back to this series.

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It looks peaceful. I hope there's more to do than in Animal Crossing for the Wii, I was really disappointed with that. 
I'll probably buy it for my mom, she loves AC. Also, is it just me or is there something really weird about the male character model. . .?

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Aw yeah, Animal Crossing. 
Great... now that makes me want to go play Wild World again.  My duders are going to be so upset I've been gone for so long...

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Damnit stop giving me reasons to want to buy the 3DS I cannot afford it! 
EDIT: Is it weird that the fact he can swim might have just sold me entirely on a 3DS haha.

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Damn you Nintendo. Starfox, Paper Mario and now this? Damn you. 
I hope Nook doesnt come to break my legs.  

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Animal Crossing 3DS: now with swimming and stalkers!

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Looks great.  Really hope it's better then City Folk.  City Folk was disappointing.

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The character models are too tall. Video games have failed. 
Seriously though, it does look kind of weird.

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I hope they make it more Harvest Moon like.

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The music accompanying this video is just superb. I like Animal Crossing, and haven't played one since, so this might be something I pick up.

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Character are too tall, even as someone who has played AC once or twice this looks odd.

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My brother said that it looked like they grew up. Made my day, I couldn't stop laughing.

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Is Tom Nook still a cut throat loan shark?

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Literally the small box that confines my mind exploded once he plunged into that water!
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Looks like you get an "adoring fan" type deal...

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Oh DAYYMMNNN! Mushroom collecting and swimming!!!

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OH GOD...i will be getting my animal crossing on again soon and i can swim!! they've tricked me again! i will buy this!

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So charming :D

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@kickinthehead said:

WHOO HOO! Wait, there's cosplaying in Animal Crossing now, or am I just out of touch?

You've always been able to design and wear different t-shirts. The DS version added hats you could wear, so yeah, this is nothing new.

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Holy shit, swimming. Fucking game changer.

No, this is actually just yet another Animal Crossing game. From someone who's bought the first three, fuck you, Nintendo.

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Hey! Where did this come from? Also, wait, they seemed to have actually changed some stuff this time around.


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The guy at 0:22 is totally stoned, man.

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Swimming.... swimming! God damn! What does this mean? WHAT DOES THIS MEAN!

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I don't know why somebody hasn't properly ripped of AC yet.  Farmville is honestly a fair step in that direction.  Somebody just needs to strip out the repetitive dialog, streamline some interactions, and add in a bit more intereactivity.  Huge hit.  The end. 
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Animal Crossing. Animal Crossing never changes.

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There's so much Nintendo needs to do with this title to actually make it a success, but they're clearly not willing to put in the effort.

Looks like the same old with nothing to deepen the experience in any new ways. Still waiting to see if it's worth getting the 3DS to play this.

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As long as the game still allows me to act like a 12 year old ....... I'm sold:

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I really hope they make some major changes and add a ton of new stuff. The DS/Wii games were solid enough, but I had no interest in them due to how much I played the GameCube game.

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When are we likely to hear about this game again?

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@NekuCTR said:

When are we likely to hear about this game again?

I hope we will hear about this game in E3 2012.
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I found out about this game recently. It looks fun.

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