From the EU and yet to register 3DSXL? Get ACNL for free!

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Announced in today's EU nintendo direct, anyone who registered (even if you registered weeks ago) a copy of animal crossing new leaf before September 7th can take part in a promotion allowing them to gift a copy of ACNL to a friend that has not yet registered their nintendo 3DSXL console.

Eligible countries are:

  • United Kingdom
  • Ireland
  • Germany
  • Austria
  • France
  • Spain
  • Italy
  • Belgium
  • the Netherlands
  • Portugal
  • Switzerland
  • South Africa
  • Russia

Registering your 3DSXL console between the 7th of August and 7th of September will make you eligible to get the free copy of ACNL to download from the eshop.

This thread is for me to give away my copy of the game along with anyone else and to allow chain gifting to anyone eligible in the same the way the Monster Hunter recommendation allowed you to claim a free download, then pass the download on to the next person indefinitely (at least until the promotion ended.)

So the first person to PM me from one of the eligible countries with an as yet unregistered 3DSXL can get my copy and then I'd encourage you to let others have your recommendation after you do

Note: 3DSXL consoles from participating countries only.

Edit: I've given my recommendation code away now, so hopefully we can continue the chain :)

#2 Posted by Chippy180 (168 posts) -

Ben was generous enough to give me his AC code, so it's my turn to repay the favour! Send me a PM and I'll throw you over the code.

#3 Posted by Bens_Dream (2 posts) -

Would anyone be so kind as to PM me a code for AC:NL? Thanks in advance!

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Just got a 3DSXL this week, so if this is still going on I'm up for it!

#5 Posted by Chippy180 (168 posts) -

Ben's having some issues redeeming my code. He's contacting customer service to try and figure out what the story is and how to get it fixed. If he doesn't hear anything back by Monday evening I'll pass my code onto you Pete and Ben can call back to the thread when they sort out the problem!

#6 Posted by vrlemos (2 posts) -

Hi! Does someone still have a recommendation code? I'd very much appreciate it. :) I registered my 3ds xl yesterday and my console is from the uk, so I'm eligible. Thanks in advance :)

#7 Posted by Chippy180 (168 posts) -

Another update. @bens_dream was able to register the copy I gave to him, which means he is the person to get in contact with!

#8 Edited by Anne1982 (2 posts) -

Hi. Is there someone who still has a recommendation code left? Mine will be for another person here who wants to have a code. So we can make a chain of people helping each other. :-) Thanks in advance.

#9 Posted by smashed_pumpkins (57 posts) -

I have a code if anyone is still looking for one

#11 Posted by XenaSkye (2 posts) -

Hi, I was wondering if anyone still had an AC:NL recommendation code.

Thanks in advance!

#12 Posted by A_Fools_Mistake (2 posts) -

I would really appreciate it if i could get a code thanks i will pass it on

#13 Posted by SjayaK (15 posts) -

Does anyone have a code by any chance? I would of course pass it on. Thanks!

#14 Posted by lKennedyl (51 posts) -

I have a code. PM me if you think that "The King of Bedside Manor" is the best Barenaked Ladies song. Also if you want the code.

#16 Posted by farmerjesus (10 posts) -

Have a code up for grabs, just PM me.

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I have a spare ACNL download code is anyone is interested? would prefer some kind of trade but may weigh the options after a certain time frame.

#20 Posted by stingano (4 posts) -

i'd love to get this code kaizo :)

#21 Posted by kaizokugovan1989 (5 posts) -

@stingano said:

i'd love to get this code kaizo :)

sorry but the code is already with its new master. good luck in your search.

#22 Posted by stingano (4 posts) -

if theres a still one kind guy i would be pleased to get a code :)

#23 Posted by stingano (4 posts) -

still looking for code!

#24 Posted by Killercombo (258 posts) -

any one got a code I can use? thanks.

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