Gifts sent through mail

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How do I pick them up. There's no way to do if from my own mailbox, and I can't find the option at the actual post office. I would really like to pick up the piece of art I bought to get going on my second museum level, but I have no idea how I'm supposed to get it.

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I think you just click on the piece of mail after you read it and a option should come up saying present or something. Hit that and it should go to your inventory.

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when you get your mail, move it from the orange/yellow mailbox to your blue mail inventory. Leave the mailbox, open your inventory, tap on the envelope, then the message and select "present" the present will be added to your inventory

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Then hope it's not a forgery. Mine sure was!

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Then hope it's not a forgery. Mine sure was!

Same here! I've gotten two paintings straight that were forgeries. =(

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@nev I read there's a visible defect on the forgeries, but when I compared all 4 in his tent I couldn't see anything special.

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@mideonnviscera: Correct. Here's a site that has images for the real and fakes, with a short description of how to tell if they're fake as well.

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@smtdante89: Oh neat! I really should have looked closer at the Motherly Statue I bought. I totally recognized it as the sculpture of Romulus and Remus with the Wolf, which is why I bought it, but I somehow didn't notice that only one of the brothers was in the statue.Totally obvious how fake that thing is in retrospect. Most of the others I would have no chance of catching.

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@scrawnto: Yeah. I didn't realize it when I first saw it, but the fake robust statue (Discobolus) was holding a UFO instead of a disc. Once I noticed that, it was kind of embarrassing.

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@smtdante89: I can just imagine the owl's reaction upon seeing what I was trying to give him. "Come on, really? You're bringing this to me? You dumb shmuck."

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Is it possible to send mail to players on your friends list without visiting their town?

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