Has anybody built the Resetti Surveillance Centre?

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So I bumped into Resetti the other day (Battery died) and now I get to build the Resetti Surveillance Centre, but it's quite expensive. Before I go ahead and start I wanted to know what can it do for my town, is it worth it?

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You have to love Resetti an awful lot if you really want to get that Center back up.

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You mean because of how much it costs? You can easily make that much money in two hours or so if you go to the island at night.

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@hungry: I know about the island. I'm talking about prioritization, I rather complete other stuff first instead of the Reset Center.

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yeah the resseti centre is pointless, you just get resseti moaning at you all the time if your battery dies or if u switch off without saving (and everyone hates that) and a picture of resseti and his father...So better to spend your money on other things than that.

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