Hey more free in-game stuff from Nintendo!

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With all these new consoles and new games coming out I have totally neglected my Animal Crossing town. Just saw this on the Nintendo site and might jump back in for these items and make a few visits to do some clean up cause obviously nobody else is taking care of these weeds.

Just found out the previous month there was some sort of sushi platter out there for download, kinda bummed I missed out on that.

  • 11/1 - 11/14: Racoon Wall Clock
  • 11/15 - 11/28: Cat Tower
  • 11/29 - 12/12: Suitcase
  • 12/13 - 12/26: Double Neck Guitar
  • 12/27 - 1/9: Pumpkin Pie
  • 1/10 -1/23: Afternoon Tea Set
  • 1/24 - 2/6: Machine for Frozen Drink

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