High turnip price today!

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#51 Posted by BroodOvermind (2 posts) -

Bought turnips the first time sunday, lowest price I had ever seen in my town 99 bells. The price has dropped every day down to 48 bells. Please tell me somebody has a town with at least 100, I spent 500k on turnips and am FREAKING OUT.


#52 Posted by zakn (69 posts) -

@broodovermind: Turnips are currently 108 bells in my town. I will add you when I get home in about an hour

#53 Edited by BinaryDragon (775 posts) -

I'm looking for somewhere to sell turnips, I'm having a TERRIBLE week with prices. Help!

#54 Edited by Sergio (2482 posts) -

Not very high, but turnips are 185 bells if you're desperate. I'll be able to open the gates once I finish farming beetles to pay off tomorrow's loan.

Edit: My gate is open for probably an hour.

#55 Posted by BinaryDragon (775 posts) -

if anyone is around, I'm still stuck with turnips, I need 200 or more but will settle tomorrow for anything above 120.

if you are going to add me here is my FC: 4313-0670-4693

#56 Posted by lawliet16 (3 posts) -

hi, im going to be posting my turnips prices daily, i will also be investing 2.5m tomorrow morning (10pst). if you can help me with this, i will deeply appreciate it and try to help you in return.

FC: 2492 - 5069 - 9456

pm if you want add

#57 Posted by zakn (69 posts) -
#58 Edited by WTValdes (6 posts) -

Ok I have 800K bells tied up in turnips. It would be awesome if someone helps me out if they get a good price this week, I'll do the same if I get a good price in my town.

FC: 2878-9740-3870

#59 Posted by SexyToad (2939 posts) -

I made a heavy investment this Sunday. So I need towns to make a profit! :D

Hopefully someone can help me out here.

#60 Posted by lawliet16 (3 posts) -

ok, so my turnips are worth 77 bells today. can anyone help me out?

FC: 2492 - 5069 - 9456

#61 Posted by Parad0xian (30 posts) -

Turnips have gone down to 66 today ugh! Anyone have a high turnip price?


#62 Posted by Asmo917 (484 posts) -

If my prices have been 81, 77, and now 73, am I totally boned on getting a good price in my own town? This was the one week I invested heavily in turnips. Got them at 90.

#63 Posted by SexyToad (2939 posts) -

@asmo917: my town has been roughly the same, I'm guessing some days you get a few lucky spikes?

#64 Edited by Asmo917 (484 posts) -

@sexytoad: Not yet. down to 67 after today's noon price update.

#65 Posted by Morganb319 (2 posts) -

Mine went 81, 77, 73, 124

#66 Posted by JLeezy06 (2 posts) -

keep an eye on gamefaqs, and tumblr.com/tagged/turnipspike, and tagged/stalk+market

#67 Posted by AlisterCat (6088 posts) -

I have a downward trend and I spent 500,000 bells on turnips this week. Oh dear. :/

#68 Posted by Dogma (1006 posts) -

My turnips was at max 138 bells and then i plummeted to 102 and not it's at 88.

Damn it. I hate you stalk market BUT I love you too.

#69 Edited by zakn (69 posts) -

Oh god I'm in a price spiral! Someone post good prices. 500k invested! :halp:

#70 Posted by loafking (14 posts) -

Someone be our turnip savior.

#71 Posted by SexyToad (2939 posts) -

I gave out early yesterday and sold them in some town for 2x what I bought them for.

#72 Edited by I_Stay_Puft (4530 posts) -

I got 137 going today. While not relatively high, highest I've seen in about a week. Anybody want in let me know.

#73 Posted by AlisterCat (6088 posts) -

Turnips are worth 630 bells in my town today! Come on over!

#74 Posted by AlisterCat (6088 posts) -

I'll only be able to keep my gate open for the next 3 hours with these insane turnip prices. Get in on it before its gone.

#75 Posted by I_Stay_Puft (4530 posts) -

I got 165 going today, if anyone is interested. Be able to keep it open for about an hour.

#76 Edited by soreyo (2 posts) -

I have 284 in my town today, only have bout an hour though

#77 Posted by zakn (69 posts) -

Bells are 190 in my town today, while it won't set your hair on fire, it's a tidy profit. I'll be up for a few hours. Friend code is listed several places

#78 Posted by rockyhorrorgerri (402 posts) -

My Turnip price today is 124 if anyone still needs it. FC: 4527-7704-3067

#79 Edited by BurgerTrench (23 posts) -

My turnips are at 651 for right now if any duders want to get in on those sweet, sweet bells. Send me a PM and we can swap friend codes.

#81 Posted by abigbat (2 posts) -

Aargh wish I could have been there! Mine are 48 right now, anybody got anything over 100 today??

#82 Posted by jojobear90 (2 posts) -

I added a few of you, do any of you have high turnip prices today? Add me up on 0602-6688-8012 pleaseeeee

#83 Posted by DeF (5207 posts) -

I bet big on turnips this Sunday (spent 1.5 mil). Still hoping to get a good deal.

My prices this week: 129, 129, 107


#84 Posted by brodywb (200 posts) -

My turnips are at 445 bells today. If anyone wants in just pm me your info.

Brody 1349-5372-1037

#85 Posted by WTValdes (6 posts) -

Hey everybody! Come on down to my town to sell some turnips at the very decent selling price of 407 bells.

A couple of rules:

  • Do not run over the flowers
  • Do not chop trees
  • Please sell your turnips as quick as you can so we can accommodate as many people as possible.

A few notes:

Be sure to:

  • Add my friend code: 2878-9740-3870
  • Send me a quick e-mail at wtvaldes@gmail.com with your friend code and I’ll do my best to add you as soon as I can.

Hope to see you there!


#86 Edited by DeF (5207 posts) -

@brodywb: I'll assume you're in a timezone where 15 hours ago was still Wednesday and thus the price is now changed, right?

#88 Edited by brodywb (200 posts) -

@def: Unfortunately it is back down to like 130 today. If you are desperate, you can get in on that.

#89 Posted by DeF (5207 posts) -

@brodywb said:

@def: Unfortunately it is back down to like 130 today. If you are desperate, you can get in on that.

Thanks, but I got desperate and found a deal on GAF yesterday :D

#90 Edited by zakn (69 posts) -

My town is in a downward Price thingy....so yea. Who has the goods :D

#91 Edited by M1M1C (81 posts) -

EDIT: Huzzah I was able to go to someones town from gamefaqs and sell them for 529 each, i think i made about 3,174,000 or something like that.

I bought about 600,000 bells worth of turnips and so far the prices aren't looking good in my town, it seems most likely that I have the decreasing pattern, (if not then it's the random one and i'm hoping for some better prices on thursday). So yes, if anyone is feeling charitable and has anything resembling a decent turnip price (i bought them for 93 each) then i would appreciate it a lot if you could help me out.

Oh and by the way I live in the UK so a lot of you may be 5-7 hours behind my timezone. Oh and anyone else feel free to add me as well, I've not given up on the stalk market yet so i'll post if i ever get any good prices.

Name: Chris?

FC: 4957 - 3199 - 6213

#92 Edited by DarkLightDragon (2 posts) -

I got the declining pattern this week and foolishly didn't notice or sell early. I need to offload my turnips ASAP, and will happily travel to any town buying them for more than 100 bells. It's nearly 6pm on saturday for me, and nearly 10pm in-game since I time-traveled to get this week's batch.

#93 Posted by Sergio (2482 posts) -

Turnips are 404 bells right now. Re-tail closes at 11:00 PM PST in my town.

#94 Posted by ollithemagicbum (2 posts) -

hey everyone, first time posting here and buying turnips. ive been checking the prices the last two weeks and they have been the decreasing pattern and this week appears to be the same pattern, highest price was 79, now its in the 60's and i bought for 94.

anyone have a high selling price that would be willing to let me sell there?

my friend code is 5284-2393-2025.

#95 Posted by photogingesis (2 posts) -

I'm with the dude above me, new to this online turnip stalk market thing, and I just slumped down to about 50 bells ):

If anyone's got them for a high price, I'm willing to tip if you let me in (:

my fc is 2251-4844-7221 (: (: (:

#96 Posted by Macksujin (19 posts) -

I'm looking to sell my turnips asap as my town appears to be in the middle of a double dip recession. Anyone have their town open? I have peaches, lychees, mangoes, coconuts and pears. Or at least I will when the next batch grow.

FC: 3609-1025-0601

#97 Edited by untruth (3 posts) -

I'm having big problems with my turnip gambling issues. I took a big risk throughout the week and now I've got the shakes with a Turnip price of less than 80 after buying loads at 100.

Can anyone let me into their town with a turnip price above 110 Bells? FC: 1779-0520-8545

Thanks. Ps. I have Bananas, Coconuts, Mangoes, Cherries, Apples, Lemons, Durian

#98 Posted by Sergio (2482 posts) -

Turnips are currently at 414 bells right now.

#99 Edited by Sergio (2482 posts) -

Re-tail buying turnips for 535 bells until 11:00 PST.

Edit: Going through Reddit right now.

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