Hows your game going?

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I don't have any real context but I think I'm doing pretty well in the 3 days I've been playing. I got the shovel, fishing rod and net on my first day and also bought an awesome statue of a naked dude. I've almost paid off my first 39k debt and caught about half the fish I think. I'm not really sure where the game will go from here but I'm not making money very quickly so hopefully that will pick up when I unlock the island.

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@ravelle: If a tree is withering, that means you put it in a spot where it can't grow. Trees don't require a watering can to grow, only flowers about to go bad.

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@ravelle: If a tree is withering, that means you put it in a spot where it can't grow. Trees don't require a watering can to grow, only flowers about to go bad.

Ooh I see, thanks!

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If you change your router's SSID to "Bestbuy" you can get all the Best Buy stuff.

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Got my first house expansion and unlocked the island. Gonna be rolling in bells tonight!

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I have 50 apples and 3 perfect apples if someone wants to trade for a different fruit.

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Been farming the islands in the last few days. Paid off some debt but not getting enough money still. I don't want to think it but I might be getting bored of this game lol. It's fun for a while but now I'm stuck in a loop of farming and fishing for money, takes so long lol

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Need more friends. I'm on the list. Add and pm :) I got oranges. I got four fortune cookies so far, the first contained the hero's boots, second one didn't give me anything. On the third I got the master sword and today I got the triforce.

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I'm excited! yesterday I got the signatures for Club LoL, which sadly didn't open today, but hopefully soon! And today Blathers told me he wants the Museum renovated, so tomorrow I'm looking forward to see what will be added there. Still waiting on what looks like 2 shops on main street, the one above the Able Sisters and the one between the Dream Suite and the Camera.

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My first public works project, a bridge, was finished up today. Though in order for the ceremony to take place, I had to be a jerk and wake up Isabelle. I also started on the Dream Suite project and collected signatures to open a club.

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Pietro finally moved in and now I'm totally scared shitless to leave my home. He's out there lurking waiting till dark... guess I'll just wait till Pietro moves before playing again. I wonder as mayor could it be possible to kick him out?

#163 Posted by takayamasama (526 posts) -

@i_stay_puft: If you talk to Isabelle at the front desk, you have to option of reporting "problematic" citizens, which I think may let you force move someone. If you use it let us know what it does exactly :)

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Things are going great! I just got the signatures for Club LOL, finished my first house upgrade and my cobblestone bridge, and have almost finished the Reset Center for Mr. Resetti. Donated lots of items, most of the people in my town are pretty awesome (Pietro scared the hell out of me when he first moved in, but him and Moose are the coolest people in town after me). Also I managed to get a Gas Mask and a Do-Rag from Labelle, so along with that and my police shirt/pants I look like a serial killer.

Also, fuck Lyle. Tom Nook gets a lot of shit for being a glorified loan shark, but Lyle is just the slimiest guy I've met. Everything about that guy just disgusts me. Bleck!

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Thanks to a major bout of insomnia I've been playing insane amounts recently. Of course insomnia means night-time and that means that I can rake it in on the island.

So far I've put in place both additional bridges

A park bench, a street light, a statue fountain and a clock.

I've got the upstairs, left and right rooms but not any of the size expansions except for the main room itself. I've been an unhappy sunflower and provided comfort to a lonely sheep.

My town is currently taking on the appearance of a building site but I have just unlocked the Dream Suite - which refuses to connect to the net at all, even though I've been playing online fine on the island and through the train-station.

Redd hasn't put in appearance at all yet, and I've not had Dr Shcrub asking for signatures either. I think the games timing has been thrown off slightly as the day he was meant to first show was an event day - summer solstice and so places like the Town Hall were closed. The only downer is that my residents seem so plain and dull in comparison to the other villages I've been to - and my old Wild World village. If they aren't moaning about push-ups and abs they are starting rumours about each other and getting in arguments all the time. Well except Daisy who just stays at home with her fossil collection and then asks about books - I like Daisy she can stay.

I need sleep... and help breaking this addiction... but mainly sleep!

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@nezza: Did you try searching for a dream instead of making her pick one for you? That fixed the Dream Suite for me.

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Raking in ~400k per day with 1 island trip and selling assorted fruit.

Replaced 27 random fruit trees with perfect apple trees today, went through 4 axes, will soon be able to gift fiance over 200k worth of fruit a day.

Apparently Reggie stopped by my HHS via Spotpass. His bed and pillow are hilarious.

I really need to upgrade my museum.

#168 Posted by Superkenon (1553 posts) -

Raking in ~400k per day with 1 island trip and selling assorted fruit.

Replaced 27 random fruit trees with perfect apple trees today, went through 4 axes, will soon be able to gift fiance over 200k worth of fruit a day.

Christ. With that kind of money, I don't think you can call yourself a *starving* gamer anymore.

#169 Posted by MideonNViscera (2269 posts) -

Reggie's house is sweet. It's gonna take me days to order all the stuff I want from it.

#170 Posted by Sergio (2494 posts) -

I ended up restarting my town because I didn't like the layout, and I eventually realized I wasn't placing things in the most space efficient way possible. Unfortunately, I hate most of the people in my town now, but I refuse to start over again.

#171 Posted by Ben_H (3597 posts) -

Re-Tail is paying extra for sawsharks. I am stacking pape like crazy. 124K for 10 fish, which was 3 sawsharks, a whale shark, 2 marlins, and some other random stuff. It was insane. Had I not donated a whale shark and a couple others it would have been 150k in one load.

#172 Posted by 49th (3027 posts) -

I'm kind of bored already.

I found a master sword today. That was okay. It goes "duh duh duh duuuuuuh!" when you press it. I also bought a painting of a lady. I will put it in the museum.

#173 Posted by BasketSnake (1426 posts) -

After about ten days none of my residents have left town. Then this chicken named Ken moves in and he wants to leave after two days?! He's had his house up for one day. The fuck did I do? And I keep harassing Cole for him to leave town.

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I have 4 out of 12 penguins living in my town. Now I kind of want the other 8.

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Holy murphy Club lol is awesome. K.K. is a sick DJ. Also, the fact that they mix in "Go K.K. Rider" into the song makes it about 10000000x better than it already was. The music playing is actually quite long. I just left it playing for a while.

This is endlessly amusing.


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@ben_h: Hell ya! I just got it today, man I just wanna leave my 3DS idling there. DJ KK is one cool DJ

#177 Posted by Turtlebird95 (3057 posts) -

Is there any way to get more storage? If so, can that storage also not be shared with the train locker?

#179 Posted by chainreaction01 (188 posts) -

Just a reminder to everyone out there that you can go down to Club LOL tonight and visit K.K Slider for some good ol' fashion guitar playing. Glad to see that this is still in the game, was worried that K.K was stuck in the club scene.

#180 Posted by MikkaQ (10296 posts) -

I'm doing okay, I think. I discovered the joy of island bug hunting almost immediately and have been getting mad rich ever since. I got all my bridges, I have a second floor, an east wing, and a camp site.

I'm also chopping down any non fruit trees, I have a dozen perfect apple trees and like two dozen orange trees right now. Apples are my native fruit, but I save those for when villagers ask for fruit, which happens a lot to me. The beach is just covered in banana trees. I really enjoy just planting shit everywhere, plus it adds up to a lot of bells.

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Went to Club LOL to catch KK play and he played the song I always had playing in my house in the old games, "Go K.K. Rider" so of course every room in my house has it playing now.

#182 Posted by StarvingGamer (9010 posts) -

I just picked 500,000 bells worth of perfect fruit to gift to my fiancé in a single day.

@turtlebird95: Nope, the three tabs of six pages with ten slots is all you get unless you make a second villager to act as a mule.

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Just picked up the game today and I have to say from someone that has never played an Animal Crossing game before, it is a addicting and calming game. I have just put down my down-payment for my house and am waiting for it to be completed tomorrow. I also love the way the game mirrors real-time where the shops close at a certain time at night, pity since I want to continue playing it.

#184 Posted by BasketSnake (1426 posts) -

I'm already tired of farming the island for bugs. I can't stand the word farming. I also can't be bothered collecting ten billion fruits every day. I'm getting kind of bored...maybe it isn't for me after all. Awaiting dream team....

#185 Posted by Xymox (2145 posts) -

I lied to my co-worker in the Mayor's office about not being able to find a net to catch bugs (didn't even go look), and she let me buy one from her instead. I watered a bench, I caught an eel (and things got real, according to the in-game text), I bought a bed, I sold a leaf that was in my inventory and couldn't find my bed anymore, turns out the leaf was my bed(???) so now I have no bed, and then Tom Nook also got some serious G's out of my wallet to make me a tent which will become a house tomorrow morning. I've also been stacking my fruit and making sure my flowers sparkle.

I'd say things are going okay all things considered. Looking forward to do some night time fishing/bug hunting.

But how on earth do I get those floating balloons with gifts to drop from the sky?

#186 Posted by 49th (3027 posts) -

I'm currently living off the state with 10k per day from money rocks - it's a comfortable amount which allows me to add to my dumb glasses and hat collection. I also planted banana trees all the way along my beach, unfortunately every single one wilted because I planted them next to the wall. I'm bad at this game.

Also, I have a spare block floor and loads of other fruits if anyone wants to trade things. 4425-1456-5110

#187 Posted by Hailinel (25787 posts) -

I just paid off the Dream Suite, so I'll be able to start using it tomorrow. Also ran into Gulliver for the first time today. Dude seems confused. A lot.

#188 Posted by takayamasama (526 posts) -

@xymox: Once your Nooklin Junction upgrades one of the buyable items can be a slingshot, thats how you shoot down the balloons.

I was officially freaked the fuck out by this game twice recently:

First one was a random giant spider charging my dude from seemingly nowhere and making me think I had gotten poisoned or something, though it looks to have no repercussions.

Second time was the first time I got a scallop from diving, and then Pascual just comes outa nowhere RIGHT BEHIND YOU in the ocean. Thought that dude was gonna snap my neck. Turns out he just wanted the shell. Gave me a cool anchor for it, so all good in my book.

Today I shall pay off the final expansion in my house...then all the bells go towards saving up for a crown!

#189 Posted by DystopiaX (5378 posts) -

Going good, although I stopped beetle farming at the island so my progression has slowed a bit. I really want to increase the space in my house, I streetpassed with some people and all their houses were cooler than mine- theme rooms, kitchens, etc. I want to do a "japanese" themed room, as I have a bunch of ninja swords/katanas and stuff, then ofc a rec room in the basement- I have a huge stereo, arcade machine, tabletop machine, then once the fucking blue alpaca finally wakes up I have a bunch of fossils and stuff I want to turn into mini displays for a museum type room.

Unlocked the ability to raise money for the cafe but I'm building the Dream Suite right now. Would much rather have the former so I guess I'll have to raise enough money to finish the Dream Suite at some point as well...

Oh yeah, the shop after the T&T Mart should have just opened today, I should play some.

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Fishing like a crazy person and hanging out in Club LOL. It's gooood to be the mayor.

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I got this awesome neighbor.

What kind of animal is Pietro?

#193 Posted by StarFoxA (5256 posts) -

Up to 4 million bells at this point, planning on dropping the majority of that on turnips. Hopefully I'll be able to turn a profit of somewhere around 15 million.

#194 Edited by insouciant (853 posts) -

I'm still trying to convince my sister to buy her own 3DS with New Leaf.

#195 Edited by Sergio (2494 posts) -

Completed expanding my house and have zero debt. I also have the imperial exterior and door, and I'm just waiting for the other exterior modifications to pop up so I can buy them. I've turned down Lyle's challenge for now, as I try to get the furniture I want to deck out my interior.

I've sectioned my map into districts, e.g. Puck lives in the Peach District, Tex lives in the Orange district. I'm only missing a Pear District and a Persimmon District, since I've yet to get those fruits.

I built a light house, but I refuse to build Rory stadium lights.

Margie moves out today. I don't know if her house in the Durian District will get torn down or if it will just become vacant until someone moves in.

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Things are finally looking up for the town of Inaba!

My first public project is complete and I've expanded my house quite a lot.

Now, I'm a bit confused. I just got access to the axe. Now, is there anything that's stopping me from just cutting down all my native fruit and planting non-native fruit exclusively (apart from the axe breaking)? Like, is there any reason why I wouldn't want to do that? Because one native tree gives only 300 bells while a non-native tree gives 1500 bells worth of fruit.

@starfoxa said:

Up to 4 million bells at this point, planning on dropping the majority of that on turnips. Hopefully I'll be able to turn a profit of somewhere around 15 million.

How did you go about reaching that many bells? I mean, initially. For the turnips thing to work you need to actually have money to make money. I keep hearing about these island sharks at 7 PM but they just don't spawn fast enough for that to make sense. Beatles seem much better but even then only bring in 80-100k per full box and with loans and public projects being 95k+ you run out quite quickly.

#197 Posted by StarFoxA (5256 posts) -

@xymox: I abused the island quickly, paid off my debts fast, played a lot, and also did some trading on other forums, building up a trading repertoire of rare(r) items. Once you get some full sets, people pay 99k per set to catalog them, and I have over a dozen full sets by now through trading.

#198 Posted by Xymox (2145 posts) -

So I missed the bug-off which was a bummer since I had already gotten some cool looking bugs in preparation for it, so now I got a bunch of bugs in my fridge. I also got ripped off by the "art" seller who sold me a fake statue according to the Owl, and now Bob's leaving town because he's sick of my fruit... And when I managed to get the Hero's shirt (which would go nicely with my Hero's hat) do you think I hit the save button before I quit? Well Resetti certainly reminded me that I didn't.

Basically, everything's going to shit in Inaba. I've put one of the ordinances into effect now though, to keep the city pretty while I'm off to play Fire Emblem until the next Bug-Off. Hopefully I won't return to a completely abandoned I-forgot-to-feed-my-Tamagotchi style village.

Anyone have some better luck lately?

@starfoxa said:

@xymox: I abused the island quickly, paid off my debts fast, played a lot, and also did some trading on other forums, building up a trading repertoire of rare(r) items. Once you get some full sets, people pay 99k per set to catalog them, and I have over a dozen full sets by now through trading.

Sets = the fortune cookie stuff, correct? Or like furniture sets and stuff?

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Playing with my brother. All of our villagers are the same as when we moved in, and I like all of them. We have Bella, Lily, Lobo, Whitney, Pashmina, Olaf (who I sometimes refer to as "Michael", for obvious reasons), Buck, Alfonso, other I'm blanking on.

Catching fish I'm not so good at. We have a Silver Shovel and Silver Butterfly Net, though.

Plant-wise, we have Peaches, Cherries, and I got some Pears from my friend. I keep trying to get my brother to plant the Lemons and Coconuts we find on the island, but he keeps selling them all.

As for Nintendo items, we have Mario's shirt and mustache, Luigi's shirt, one of the Wario items, Samus' helmet and boots, some of the shells, a Super Star, the Midna item, the World 1-1 wallpaper, the F-Zero ship, and the Wii Balance Board (yet there doesn't seem to be a Wii item, weird).

We just upgraded to the third level of the Nookling store, Shampoodle is set to open today, and Club LOL is open, as are the second level of the Museum and the Dream Suite. We have the Reset Center, two bridges, and we're working on a fountain.

#200 Posted by spookytapes (283 posts) -

Should I be donating the stuff I catch to the museum instead of selling it for bells? I'm tryina pay off my initial house and get an addition, I'm already out of room.

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