Is it possible to transfer the game to another SD card?

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I'm planning on buying the new Animal Crossing 3ds bundle on release day which comes with the game pre installed. I'm just wondering if it is tied to an account like the eshop or will live on the SD card forever ? the reason I ask is I want to buy a bigger SD. if anybody knows from past bundles I would appreciate an answer.


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also what would happen if I uninstall the game to make more space on the SD would the game be gone forever? how do I reinstall it.

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I think it's in the eshop, so you'd just redownload it like anything else.

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@uberdarknight: Game is tied to the 3DS weirdly. I went through the same thing with my Fire Emblem 3DS.

Just pop the new card in and re-download it for free from the eshop. Can remove + reinstall it as much as you like as far as I'm aware.

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@uberdarknight: Redownloading it is unnecessary if you have an SD reader on your computer. Just copy the data over to the new SD card. It's one of the few advantages of having the software tied to the hardware on the 3DS.

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@starvinggamer: It's more complicated than that for me I think. I'm gonna have to do a system transfer to get all my data and Ambassador stuff over to the XL. Then...I figure I'll copy all the stuff from the 2gb SD card that came with the regular 3DS to the XL's 4gb card. Then (I guess) I'll need to redownload AC.

This may take a while...

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After doing some more research, it seems like the pre-installed game is treated more like a native app on the system (i.e. StreetPass Plaza, Faceraiders, etc.). So, from what people are saying, Animal Crossing should still be on the XL after the system transfer process. And it seems like the only things left behind on the original SD card are stuff like photos and music, of which I have none.

So...this may be easier than I thought.


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