Looking for some online friends who want to jump in soon.

#1 Posted by BruceChalupa (10 posts) -

Just throwing my friend code out there all willy-nilly. Please be nice. Let's hang out in my town or yours.
FC: 2423-2806-8600. TacoTown is the name, apples is our game.

#2 Posted by BruceChalupa (10 posts) -

Name in-game is 'Bruce'

#3 Posted by macbauer (5 posts) -

Hey Bruce! I'm Matt, FC: 1864-8869-2495. Got a load of fruit I can exchange for some missing apples!.

#4 Posted by BruceChalupa (10 posts) -

Just added you back. If you happen to have pears or oranges, that would be awesome. If not, let's hang out anyways.

#5 Posted by macbauer (5 posts) -

@brucechalupa: pears and golden pears. PM me when you want to hang.

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