New Leaf Item & Fruit Trading Thread

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#51 Posted by AlisterCat (6263 posts) -

@coketruck: I already have a pikmin but I wouldn't mind another one I guess. Maybe that and some cold hard bells for the hat and boots? I really need gold nuggets though.

#53 Edited by Coketruck (27 posts) -

@alistercat: I also have a spare S.S. Dolphin... Lot of random Pikmin stuff lying around. Also have a polka-dot wardrobe/closet/whatever. Sorry, I don't have any nuggets, but I'll be glad to pony up some bells. FC: 3454-0351-8033, Name: Nick. Let me know if you add me.

#54 Edited by Strife381 (50 posts) -

Ive got lots of fruit. PM if your interested :D

Apples, Cherries,Pears ,Durian, Lemons, and Banana

FC 2621-2658-5448

#55 Edited by cbarnes86 (643 posts) -

I'm playing right now and have these items ready to trade. If I don't get a PM within the next 30 minutes or so, we can coordinate a time later on (through PM). I've added a lot of people, so if I'm on your friends list this should be easy. The items I have are:

  • Soon to be all fruits (still growing lemons, coconuts, and persimmons)
  • Blocks (Mario Brick)
  • 2 Bad Bro's Stache (Wario Mustache)
  • Red Pikmin (hat)
  • Triple Red Shells (Mario Kart)
  • Bill Blaster (Bullet Bill Cannon from Mario)

Items I would like to trade one or more of these for are:

  • Blue Themed Furniture
  • Hero's Clothes, Hero's Cap, Hero's Boots, Hero's Pants, or Majora's Mask
  • Fire Flower, Super Star, or Fire Bar
  • Varia Suit Shoes, Varia Suit, or Metroid

I may have other items in my store that you are free to buy and I may own some items that I could buy out of my catalog if you wanted one. Let me know if anyone wants to deal. Send me a PM with a time that is good for you. I'm on Eastern time so if you tell me a time, let me know what zone you are in!

#57 Posted by AlisterCat (6263 posts) -

@cbarnes86: I'll trade you a varia suit for hero's pants.

#58 Posted by cbarnes86 (643 posts) -

@alistercat: Let me know a time today that we can trade, I'm willing to give my last pair of hero's pants (lol) for the Varia Suit! Pretty sure we are already friends so that shouldn't be a problem.

#59 Posted by AlisterCat (6263 posts) -

I'm sick of having left over nintendo items so I will take 10,000 bells, gold nuggets or other nintendo items.

Have: 2x Samus Mask, 3x Fi Mask, 2x Red Pikmin Hat, Mario Pipe, 2x Blue Falcon, Mario moustache, virtual boy.

Please take these off my hands.

#60 Edited by SexyToad (2939 posts) -

I am asking for one thing and one thing only! Some axes! I barely started and havnt got the garden store to open, if anyone can spare some axes, please PM me :)

I can offer flowers and love.

#61 Posted by Player1 (4049 posts) -

Willing to trade cherries, peaches, lemons, bananas, or dorians for any other type of fruit. Pm me

#62 Posted by jessica1928 (4 posts) -

@starfoxa: can i please have the sleek set?????? i will pay you as many bells it was to buy it thanks so so so much :) my friend code is 5000-2551-1005

note: i dont need the sleek wall, sleek side board and sleek closet.


#63 Posted by BurgerTrench (23 posts) -

I've got an Arwing, Green Shell, Mushroom Mural, Virtual Boy, Midna's Mask, Hero's Pants, Metroid, S.S. Dolphin, Varia Suit, and Midna's Mask. Cherries and Peaches for fruit. Balloon Vanity, Closet, Dresser, TV and Table.

Looking for all other village fruit, Tri-Force, Mario Pipe, Brick Floor, Hero's Cap, Red and Blue Pikmen Hats, Flag Pole, Super Mushroom, Star Man, 1-Up Mushroom, Fire Bar, Pikmin, Varia Boots, Triple Shells, and Mario Kart.

If interested, PM me and we can arrange a meet. Thanks!

#64 Posted by Dedorongolas (2 posts) -

Hello all, I'm new to the Animal Crossing series, and am looking for friendly faces to trade with. As of right now i am Looking for Oranges and Pears.

I have on offer, lychees, peaches, cherries, apples, coconuts, bananas and a few durian.

i have an interest in some of the weirder colored flowers, and for those i'm sure i can arrange a trade or fair price

PM me if interested, and we can meet some time~

#65 Edited by chibblechatter (2 posts) -

Hey I'm looking for Apples, Cherries, and Persimmons. I have all other fruits I can offer to trade, bamboo included, or bells if preferred. Send me a PM and we can arrange a time c:

#66 Posted by SexyToad (2939 posts) -

I'm looking for fertilizer, yo!

It seems likes odd request, but my flowers need loving. Hopefully someone can obliged me. I can offer some fruit, bells, and flowers!

#67 Posted by Chance_S (112 posts) -

Howdy! (sorry I'm from Texas)

Don't know anyone who lives around me who plays ACNL so I thought i would take to the GB. I am looking to get some more Sleek Stuff and some more fruit.

FRUIT NEEDED: Apples, Pears, Oranges, and Mango.

If you can help me out please PM me. Thanks!!

#68 Posted by Nezza (386 posts) -

I have every type of fruit you desire.

You have - a store buying turnips at over 98 and an open gate.

#69 Posted by Coketruck (27 posts) -

Looking for one mushroom mural (Super Mario Bros wallpaper) and two block floors (Super Mario Bros carpet) for my museum exhibits.

I've got every kind of fruit, a decent-sized catalog if you're looking for something specific, and the following Nintendo items:

1-Up Mushroom, S.S. Dolphin, Pikmin, Triple Red Shells, Triple Bananas, Hero's Boots, Hero's Clothes, Virtual Boy, Yellow Pikmin, Pipe and Triforce

P.M. me if you're interested. Thanks!

#70 Edited by Wheatley117 (23 posts) -

Hey duders, I am desperately looking for Majoras Mask and Links Hat. I have absolutely no luck with getting these items from fortune cookies. I can offer many duplicate Fortune Cookie Items as well as Bells. PM me if you are interested. Thanks.

EDIT: Oh, and i am also looking for fruits. (Everything except Peach, Cherry and Island Fruits)

#71 Edited by Zacagawea (1665 posts) -

I need a Samus mask and to a way lesser degree Varia Suit Boots. I have, probably, 70% of the Nintendo items, money, and perfect cherries for you to pop. PM or @ me.

Edit: If you have a bunch of axes I wouldn't be opposed to grabbing those or a Luigi hat

#72 Edited by I_Stay_Puft (5163 posts) -

@wheatley117 said:

Hey duders, I am desperately looking for Majoras Mask and Links Hat. I have absolutely no luck with getting these items from fortune cookies. I can offer many duplicate Fortune Cookie Items as well as Bells. PM me if you are interested. Thanks.

EDIT: Oh, and i am also looking for fruits. (Everything except Peach, Cherry and Island Fruits)

If you're looking for a majoras mask believe I got two on hand. Hit me up 1032-1247-4392 (Stay Puft). Let's talk about trades.

#73 Posted by Sergio (2764 posts) -

I'm looking to trade sapphires for either rubies or emeralds.

#74 Posted by edeo (306 posts) -

I'm interested in trading.

I have one extra rare globe I got from Katie that I can trade for a different Katie item. Or Gulliver item.

I have all the fruits which are always ready for picking. I don't bother with fruit much because beetle farming is much more lucrative.

I need a balloon chest. I have every single balloon item except the chest. I have a few extras of the balloon items. Ask me for any specific one you need.

As for Nintendo items, I have: blue pikmin, Samus helmet, 2 yellow pikmin, 2 Midna masks, 3 hero pants, 2 master swords, 2 triple-bananas, block floor, SS Dolphin, goal post, 2 metroids, Bill Blaster, green pipe. I keep my extra items for trade in my basement, so any time you visit my town you can check Re-Tail and my basement for things I'm willing to get rid of.

The Nintendo items I need: Hero's Cap, Toad Hat, Green Shell, ? Block, Fire Bar, Yoshi's Egg, Blue Falcon, Wii Balance Board, Big Bro Moustache.

If you want to complete a furniture set, I can check my catalog for you.

#75 Edited by Sergio (2764 posts) -

@edeo: I have an extra green shell and big bro moustache. I may have an extra hero's cap or yoshi's egg, I'd need to check.

Edit: I do have an extra Yoshi's egg.

#76 Edited by SexyToad (2939 posts) -

I'm looking for Gyroids. Nothing more, nothing less! The more the merrier, I need the cream of the crop! (Any Gyroids will do, I would prefer if you had a large amount of them)

I'm prepare to offer 1 bell. Although you can negotiate with me as you please.

#77 Posted by Zacagawea (1665 posts) -

@edeo: I'll give you a ? Block and a Blue Falcon for your Samus Helmet and block floor!

#78 Posted by SexyToad (2939 posts) -

I really want a Majora's Mask, anyone selling? :D

#79 Posted by Sergio (2764 posts) -

@sexytoad: I might have one. I'll need to double-check when I get home.

A villager gave me a Toad shirt that matches the hat I gave you, but then another villager bought it off me.

#80 Posted by SexyToad (2939 posts) -

@sergio: a friend of mine made me a custom Toad outfit, so I'm good anyways :D

#81 Posted by SamuraiGarrin (92 posts) -

I missed out on getting the first two Best Buy exclusive furnishings, as well as the first Spotpass DLC. Would someone please let me catalog their raccoon clock, cat tower, and rainbow screen? I just need to have them in my inventory, then I'll give them right back. I have some fossils I could give you, or just bells if you prefer. PM if you're interested.

(Not exactly a trade, but it seemed like the best place to post.)

#83 Posted by Whiterabbitmirror (2 posts) -

If anyone has a spider web clock, I'd be so grateful. I can trade a bunch of money for it. Thank you.

#84 Posted by Sergio (2764 posts) -

I'm looking to catalog the following:

I have the following sets for cataloging in exchange:

As well as a lot of pieces that have the HHA theme Harmonious, including Kagamimochi. I can update my Dream Suite tomorrow.

I also have 3 extra Golden Woman available for trade for other pieces in the Golden Series, except Golden Wall, Golden Clock, and Golden Wall Torch.

I also have a couple of duplicate wallpapers/flooring from Saharah. I can check which ones I have available to trade tomorrow.

#85 Posted by Sergio (2764 posts) -

I double-checked and I have an extra Lunar Surface and Chessboard Rug that I'd trade for other Saharah wallpaper and floorings, particularly the Bath Tile.

My Dream Address is 5000-2260-8409 if you want to check which harmonious themed furniture I already have.

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