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Me and my girlfriend would take turns playing with the same Animal Crossing: Wild World cartridge since we could both live in the same house. Does anyone have details on how housing works in New Leaf? If it's possible to have multiple people in the same house then I will buy a physical copy. But if not then I will hope to see a digital version on the eShop and pick that up. Thanks in advance.

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@Mitch0712: Wild World is the only Animal Crossing game that lets players share a house. It wasn't a very popular idea because the Gamecube game let each player have a separate house in the same town, so City Folk and New Leaf went back to that model.

You'll be able to take turns playing in the same town with separate characters, you'll just have separate houses.

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also it seems as if only the first player gets any mayoral duties, anyone moving in after that is just a citizen.

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