Should Nintendo add animal-like characters from its other games to Animal Crossing?

Posted by Doomed (270 posts) 1 year, 11 months ago

Poll: Should Nintendo add animal-like characters from its other games to Animal Crossing? (26 votes)

Yes 54%
No 46%

Nintendo has quite a few franchises under its wings. And some of these characters are more or less animals, similar to the characters of Animal Crossing.

These don't have to be neighbors. Fox McCloud could just be a traveling visitor like Redd. Yoshi already looks like some characters in Animal Crossing, but Koopa Troopa wouldn't be a stretch either.

Pokemon would be a little weird. Most of them probably don't fit well with the style of the game. Pikachu has made appearances as a talking mouse thing in games like PokéPark.

This isn't completely unprecedented. Wart Jr. the frog is an allusion to Wart from Super Mario Bros. 2.

It's not like Animal Crossing is otherwise a beacon of innovation. Am I crazy here? I think it would be cool to see some of these as cameos in Animal Crossing.

#1 Posted by MentalDisruption (1719 posts) -

Hmm good question. I've always enjoyed the thought that Nintendo's game characters are game characters in the Animal Crossing world as well, and all the related furniture and outfits were just the equivalent of being a collector or cosplayer. There were those old school games that you could play in the first game afterall, and I guess thats what got me started down that train of thought initially. Despite that, I guess wouldn't mind seeing appearances from them as long as they aren't neighbors. If they're neighbors and one ever moved from my town I would have to punch whichever of my friends took said character from me.

#2 Edited by Nightriff (6143 posts) -

Sure why not, that would be pretty cool I would think

#3 Posted by FancySoapsMan (5877 posts) -

Having Yoshi move into your neighborhood would be really cool actually.

But even like you said, just as guest characters they would be entertaining.

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