Terrible Neighbors...

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We've all been there, we all have neighbors in this game we hate and wish would move out already. Let's share our stories as to why we hate so and so!

Frita is the second sheep to move in my town but she is also the black sheep of the group. Frita for some reason has a serious addiction to pears and keeps on asking me to give them to her even though she is standing inches from the damn thing and could do it her damn self.

Eurene is the uncoolest Koala out there. He images himself as the next coming of Henry Winkler's the "Fonz" character but is the biggest dweeb in my town. He seriously rocks sunglasses everywhere he goes and he changed his outfit to a blue kitten face shirt cause he though his jacket shirt ensemble wasn't kicking it in the coolest factor. He also refers to me as buddy everytime I talk to him. I seriously ain't his buddy, guy!

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Klaus was already a jerk, but then he sold me a counterfeit painting. He moved in from another player's town, where I hear he wasn't liked either. I've decided to no longer interact with him.

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